Taping off the Tv - removing Channel logos?

Hi All

Just a thought. Is it possible to remove ‘bits’ added on to TV shows that have been recorded? I mean the silly things like the little red interactive button if you’re a Sky Digital viewer (think everyone knows that know), Channel logos etc. I was thinking may be something to do with frequency splitting? Any ideas?

I’ve only thought of it because they’re annoying when they take up quite a bit of space.

Any help greatfully appreciated :slight_smile:

There’s a couple of filters for virtual dub that you can use, I managed to do it with limited success, I think it depends on if the tv station uses alpha blending or whatever its called. Google for vitrual dub logo filter.

Thanks for the reply.

Yep, if you capture to an AVI, then I have used the DeLogo filter with great sucess in VirtualDUB. Download it from http://neuron2.net/delogo132/delogo.html

this cannot be done so you could say the results are perfect…
and it will NEVER be possible…(because no program will ever know what’s BEHIND the logo…it cannot know!)

but as said,there are vdub/avisynth(avs is scripting video processor) filters that try to do this…

so do,try,but don’t expect miracles…especially on bigger logos…

Ah well thanks for the help anyway.

I had far more success with the “Region Remove” filter than any delogo. Google it. :smiley:

Seems like simplest is to just increase the picture ratio and lose the logos, etc. Rarely would anyone ever notice anything missing on video borders.

Also, SUPER converts video files and it affords the ability to blocking out borders of the video (you can set any combination of which of the four sides to ‘trim’, even affording option to set a color for the blocked out segment, ie; black, etc.).