Tapatalk emoji/smiley set - How to insert, even in your web browser

As some Tapatalk users may have noticed, it contains a fairly wide selection of smileys or emoji as some call them, similar to the set in Whatsapp.

When a smiley is inserted with Tapatalk, it actually places a BB code in the post, which the forum’s Tapatalk plug-in converts into an image when the post is displayed.

For those curious how to insert Tapatalk smileys using just the web browser, you just need to know what BB code corresponds with what smiley.

To use any of the smiley/emoji below in your post, just insert the corresponding BB tag below in your post where you would like it to appear and it will display the image once posted. For some reason, these images do not appear in the post preview mode, but will show once the post is submitted.

For example, the BB tag [emoji1] becomes [emoji1], [emoji256] becomes [emoji256], [emoji78] becomes [emoji78] and so on.

As the Myce CatBox is not supported by Tapatalk, we created a custom BB code to show its Smileys/Emoji there. To insert one in the CatBox, write [emoji]code[/emoji], for example [emoji]219[/emoji] becomes [emoji]219[/emoji]

The following appears to be the complete set of Tapatalk emoji at this time of checking:

As WhatsApp added extra emoji’s added not that long ago, I checked whether it’s the same here and indeed so.

So the following is a continuation of the above emoji/smiley set (1600-1621 in top-left grid):

While building up the grids, I also noticed there are some gaps. For example, emoji #'s 862 to 866 return an access denied page, probably emoji’s that were censored or removed.