.tap files?



Hello to all!!
Can Anyone tell me how I can decompress
.TAP files??
What kind of program I need and where I can found it??
Thanks in advice!



i know this is bullshit, but…when i saw your nick i just wondered if you had played Kotobuki? [Lol]

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TAP files are encrypted with a custom program of The Awakening Project audiowarez site.
Go to their homepage http://kickme.to/awakening/ and download the program TAPCrypt at the Standard Downloads section.


Thanks very much, I have resolved the problem
No I never have played Kotobuki
“Minamoto soft” is the nickname of my group.
“Minamoto” is a japanese surname and means
“Source” … so “Minamoto soft” means “The source of the soft”


Well i’m glad you’ve sorten that out