Tao Yuden media discs bad/good ratio

Hello everyone
I was just curious about something. I recently switched to Tao Yuden -R discs. I think these discs are superb. Out of 100 I had 3 that did not work, and that could have been an error in the program. Would this be considered a good ratio for bad discs at 3%?
It was certainly better than my previous media discs.
Just wondering

Yes, that’s good overall. Depending on the batch, burner used, firmware used, burning software used, your system conditions and the conditions that you burn in, it will vary, but 3 coasters out of 100 is good. With a good batch and under ideal conditions, you might even reach 100/100, but your results are fine.

Yup that is good. I have been through a number of spindles of them with no coasters (barring a few that were my own fault). Never had one due to a bad disc though (at least from TY).

Me too, no bigger problems with TY media and no coasters.

Taiyo Yuden media is very good, but I even have very few coasters with CMC or MCC…

From 1000s and 1000s of TY (also Verbatim TY cdr/TYG02 dvdr) discs i never had a non working disc so far. No bonding issues, nothing - just good stuff :slight_smile:

I too have used plenty of TY discs, both -R and +R, and none were coasters. Apart from one single Plextor-branded T03, which had light scratches on the disc - even that one burned fairly well, and wasn’t a coaster. No bonding issues here, either :slight_smile:

Most brands I have used have given me 3-4 coasters, and that’s with 25PC spindles.

I have currently one 100 cakebox of GG000106 TYGO2 from SVP and all 60 odd that I have used so far have been perfect * Prays the rest will be, due to budget restrictions :bow: *.

So that’s a 100% success rate for me! If you want the best value for your £/$ TY is the best way to go IMHO! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all feedback. I know I am happy with my TY discs. By the way the 100 I bought were tape wrapped. Sounds like I got good stuff.

Its best to store the disc in spindle tubs isnt it?? I also bought the 100 pack tape wrapped from SPV and have stuck mine in 2 empty 50 disc spindle tubs.

That’s how I store the 100 TY CDRs I got, shrinkwrapped, from SVP. Not sure if it’s the best way, but no problems with the discs so far. :slight_smile:

i figure, if thats how they come and are stored before we take them home and use them, they should be fine that way :slight_smile:

I’ve never had a coaster from any MCC or TY disc ever - and I also store some of my discs in spindles and all are fine :cool: