Tao files from P2p

I have one simple or maybe hard qusetion for you CDfreaks.
I downloaded NFS Most Wanted demo with Bearshare program (over P2P)
I got one zip file (NFS.Most.Wanted.Demo.PC.zip) , I couldnt extract it over winrar & winzip , so I tryd with ISO BUSTER . I opend a file and extracted it.
When I extracted that file I got ONE single TAO file and nothing else.
I tryd to burn it like ISO file with nero but I couldnt, then I tryd to burn it with IsoBuster, MagicIso and other but alway I got error message like this

IsoBuster error:The primary volume descriptor /PVD) is unreadable…
MagicIso error: Cant find the file or file isnt CD image file
Ultra iso error: Invalid or unknown image file format

Please HELP, I just want to burn that file and Install the game
To symplify hole post : How can I burn Tao file ???

Hello teoswand and welcome to CD Freaks forums. I have moved this thread here as I think it is more appropriate and you will get an answer faster. At least here you can also introduce yourself (if you like) and get to know some of the others! :slight_smile: Happy troubleshooting!

Maybe ISO Commander can help you out. :wink:


perhaps the file you d/l just has the wrong file extension (perhaps .ZIP is wrong and should be .EXE …i dunno for sure) just a thought – a hexeditor should reveal an MZ in the header if it’s an EXE file

I tryd all that you said and still I cant burn that TAO image, so if you had similliar problems or you know anwser on my question , WRITE !

why don’t you just download the demo from the link i provided above?