TAO File

I’m trying to recover data from a DVD which was trashed. I’ve used ISOBuster which produces one large file called TRACK1.TAO. How do I convert this TAO file back into the typical DVD format it once was…VOB files, etc.? What programs to use?

Also, can you refer me to a good source of information that describes ISO, TAO and the other file formats I’m running across in the DVD world? I need some rudiments on why they exist and how one relates to the other, but especially how to and when to convert.


Best way I found for learning about these matters is to read the very comprehensive help files that come with Isobuster - a “must have” program that is available in a free version.
From those files…
“Many types of image files *.tao, *.bin, *.dao, *.img, … can be renamed to .iso because .iso comes in so many flavours.
However, many applications are not able to detect the right flavour the way IsoBuster can, hence the need for a cuesheet file.”
Hope that helps!