Talladega Nights

just to let you know there is a problem with Talladega Nights using AnyDvd 60.92 and CloneDvd 29.01 could not get this movie to work .I am not good at finding the info on why, because I don’t know how to do that, sorry


Could you please elaborate on “could not get this movie to work”? Did you receive an error message while you were trying to read or write?
Can you please post the contents of the AnyDVD information/status window?
If you suspect a new copy protection to be the problem (Talladega Nights is a Sony release, isn’t it?) it might be a good idea to contact SlySoft customer support and send them the .ifo files of the disc (AnyDVD must be disabled) so they can update AnyDVD.

Inkadinkado –

Thank you for making Forum Members aware of possible impending problems with “Talladega Nights”.

As Forum Member Tru suggest if you believe “Talladega Nights” contains a new copy protection scheme variant suggest sending the .IFO Files to SlySoft for analysts.

Below is a Forum Link that provides detailed information on how to correctly send the necessary required .IFO Files to SlySoft for analysts.


As Forum Member Tru states could you be more specific and provide amplifying detailed information as to exactly what the problem is with “Talladega Nights”. Provide any Error Codes and/or Error Notification narratives that you might be receiving will prove to be helpful.


I found a program named DVD Region+CSS free on www.DVDIdle.com. It works just like anydvd. It works perfectly for this movie.


Welcome to cdfreaks, Please refrain from not offering true anydvd help. This is an anydvd thread there is a thread dedicated to that. Offering an alternative when the company is updating the software isn’t a solution to get anydvd to work.

Anybody who has problems with Talladega Nights (which is officially released in the US at December 12th) may send us the .ifo files so I can update AnyDVD. It will usually take only 20 minutes (10 minutes for you to send the IFOs and 10 minutes for me to crack the protection).

Thank you.

It has already been Released in Canada and other countries !

Why the lag behind ?

Probably it isn’t released in Antigua?
Why don’t you just zip the .ifo files and send them to SlySoft? :wink:

E-mail with IFO’s sent to support@slysoft.com

Thankyou trackerx55, now when its released in the USA, nobody will have a problem, and we have you to thank for it (and James of coarse). Teamwork.:clap:

Dr Who,
Well… gee… I thought that one of the overall puposes of the CD freaks forum was to help folks make backup copies of their dvds, at least IMHO.

If anydvd can not do that right know, i for one one find it helpful to learn that there are other solutions out there. For example, I suspect that dvdfab decrypter or ripit4me might be able to rip this movie now. Not sure, but would be nice to know.

Anyhow, I certainly hope that your overly narrow interpretation of what can be posted where, IMHO, is not shared by the mods and admin of this very informative forum.
You have a good night.

I must confess that although I am completely supportive of Elby/Slysoft and their products, sometimes it seems like this forum is just a place to advertise for this company, not post alternatives or actual solutions to problems (if they involve other software programs), and apparently not offer critiques or problem descriptions of the programs. I think James and Slysoft are perfectly capable of addressing legitimate program problems and it is not particularly necessary to bash folks who offer alternative solutions to making backup copies of their dvd’s when one of the Elby/Slysoft programs exhibits a problem of some type.


@ the above 2 posters

IT is fine to give true help, but why offer an alternative solution using another Decryptor when the poster obviously has bought anydvd we are entitled to freedom speech, but this has went over the line before. It is nice that someone was able to get this DVD considering it was not released yet in the U.S., but 1) this DVD isn’t even on sale in the U.S. so why offer an alternative as this isn’t a purchased DVD yet?

@ inkadinkado

Thank you for getting a hold of this early to get an update for anydvd as this will keep from having multi threads to get help on backing this up when it is released tomorrow.

the problem with that is people who have specific problems with anydvd won’t post their problems anymore cause all they will get is to “try another software”. that fixes nothing. is this not Club CD Freaks - Knowledge is Power > International Chat: Software related > Copy DVD Movie > [U]AnyDVD[/U]

excellent reply
people pushing other-wares fail to realize the person has AD now, probably paid for it and wants it to work

Other-ware pushers start your own SS -alternate sub forum or thread

your confusing posst are not required nor wanted nor appreciated

If you have to post something, somewhere then post in an alternative forum. This sub-forum is for AnyDVD querries, solutions and suggestions about this particular program, not alternative, might work, programs. Just my “not so humble” opinion.

Thank you all for elaborating on this, anydvd is one of the best as it is updated within a few days if truly needed. Yes there is a general section to post such comments on cdfreaks that is not exact software related.

Dr Who,
You and others seem to think that only Anydvd can be discussed here. I and others view this thread to be not only about Anydvd, but also about the movie Talladga Nights and how to sucessfully back it up, IMHO.

It appears to me that you are trying to be the judge as to what is “true help”.
Last I knew, that was the job for the moderators, which I note you are not.
I also note that no moderator has admonished the poster for posting in the wrong place.

I said my peace and I’m done with explanations. Site Admins and the mods here on cdfreaks know about all this off topic stuff and are working on it. That said good day.