Talladega Nights and Ripit4me

Just to let you know that ripit4me can successfully rip Talladega Nights.
I mention it because I understand Anydvd was having trouble with this movie (maybe its fixed now). Just in case any one wanted an alternatve and free solution.
I hope I am posting in the appropriate place. Not sure, as there is no Ripit4me forum here.

not doing it for me, when getting ready to rip using dvddecryptor, getting “on the fly IFO/BUP file patching failed” message. “Video_ts.ifo size 55,296bytes” “Reason: Invalid IFO/BUP file.” message.

Could try DVDFab Decrypter as well.

I did not have any problem wit Ripit

E143 - have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink, and then downloading the RipIt4Me installer - the very latest version?


Might be worth doing. Perhaps some settings need to be reset or something?

what version of ripit are you using?
I used latest.

AnyDVD works with this title.

Good, glad it got fixed. Want all programs to be able break any new encryptions.

@jamoskeag3 - Now thats the way to reply when ya hear that another program works on a title :bow: :bow: :clap: :iagree:

Was using also.

Note: FINALLY got AnyDVD to work with CloneDVD2 by changing AnyDVD’s Video DVD optional settings to “Remove annoying Adverts and Trailers” as well as “jump directly to Title Menu”.

This seems to have done the trick. Movie with menus still intact.

Thanks, you know, it just occurred to me that webslinger has chastized folks on the Anydvd forum for posting that another program works on movie anydvd was having trouble with. Oh well.

those are the “key words” .
this part of the forum is for all/any decrypting software.

I was forced to put it here, because there is no Ripit4me forum on CDF. If there was one, i would have put it in the ripit4me forum. I wish there was such a forum. Perhaps Admin should consider such a forum.

I really dont care whether folks suggest alternative solutions, as i am pragmatic and just looking to make a backup, using whatever program works. However, i also think folks should be consistent:
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, IMHO

Perhaps you could provide a link showing where you believe I chastised someone for “for posting that another program works on movie anydvd was having trouble with”?

Thanks much

It was this thread i had in mind:
In rereading it, I fear i have mischaraterized your position, for which i apologize. Nonetheless, the fact remains that there are other members who do engage in such chastisement.

Thank you.

In fact, in that thread I was attempting to suggest or find out whether Anydvd ripper needed to be updated. I wasn’t chastising anyone for using FixVTS (in fact, Anydvd ripper uses an older version of FixVTS afaik).

It should be all about sharing information, imo. If there was a RipIt4Me forum and someone said “Hey, if that doesn’t work, try DVDFab Decrypter”, I would see no reason to get my shorts in a wad. I’d be like “Hey, thanks for letting me know about the alternatives”.

Isn’t that what the Internet is supposed to be about? Freely sharing information? Helpful suggestions?

Don’t know if it’s my drive, or what, but I can’t copy the DVD in any way, shape, or form. I tried copying the files and got a CRC failure, and I tried a DVD copy using Nero 6, fails at 7% every time. :doh:

You tried DVDFab Decrypter, the latest version? in both Full Disk and Main Movie mode?

You tried RipIt4Me, the whole deal?

By itself, I don’t think Nero will be able to backup a copy protected disk.

I agree BK, with the cost of a DVD today the first and most important thing is getting it [B]backed up promptly[/B] :iagree: If a program that I use doesn’t work and someone suggests using another that does work on that title, especially one that is free, I would use it to get it backed up.

Then I would provide info for the program I used (commercial or free) that didn’t work to the proper place to aid in getting it updated so it does work on that title. It can take a while for any program to get updated to get it right and as I said the most important thing is getting it backed up promptly. :bigsmile: