Talking on the Move need it to stop



:a There is talking all over the move. How do i take it off :sad:


turn off directors comments.


Where do i do that at?


2 or 3 page in clone dvd2 just click directors comments . u wnat a empty box under audio section.


under audio properties, and audio streams make sure boxes are empty!!


ok kool I am going to try that Thanks


i have no sound now???


under the stream preferences or the sream configuration


only uncheck directors comments you will need the other audio to listen to the movie!!


which one is the directors comments? AC 3/2??


Why don’t you start PowerDVD, WinDVD, MPlayer, … and check?


I don’t get it. The post said to uncheck directors comments in DVDClone… What do you want me to check in PowerDVD?