Talk Talk

Just had a conversation with my dad and he was talking about this talktalk (carphone warehouse company) offering free broadband, and cheap calls. However im a bit suspisous about this, as im wondering why a company would offer 8mb broadband for free… can anyone see anything in the small print?

Massive 40GB monthly download limit*

If you go over that, they will charge you A LOT.

Well you have your calling plan and line rental, that’s £20.99 a month…and it’s capped, albeit at 40 gigs per month.

Can’t see anything other than that, without digging a bit deeper…you might want to read their terms and conditions, stuff usually crops up in there.

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There’s no real catch initially.(Apart from Arachne comment{& SpursFan10}). This is about CW making a bid to be one the big players. It likely that all communications could go broaband (inc Radio.TV etc[watch listen to what you want when you want] will 40Gb be enough then?) If/when this happens there will be some likelyhood of subscribtions. As the supplier CW will get a percentage. This field is potentially worth a vast fortune.

I’m not sure about how typical broadband service is there, but the 40 gig monthly limit seems a bit small (of course I’m used to unlimited). Also, it says up to 8 mega bits, I wonder if other services are rating in mega bytes? Also, if it is up to that speed, and it is a shared conection like my cable internet conection, The more people that share the line, the slower your speed. If no one is on you might get the up to speed but if everyone is on your speed might be substantially lower. Just a couple things that might be part of it, but like I said, I’m not farmiliar with what a typical service offers there.

We have the usual DSL, and two cable companies that I know of…and I believe they all advertise their speed in Mbits, at least that I’m aware. :slight_smile:

As for more being on, less speed…ain’t that the truth. My cable package is advertised as up to 10 Mbits, I never go anywhere near that :eek:

I thought DSL operated differently to cable, though…mind you, I admit I know bog-all really about DSL :wink:

There is an interesting news story about “talk talk” here (about half way down the page)

The ADSL Max product which they will be using for 8Mbps, will give 7.5 Meg per second if the line can support it. But few lines will support that sort of speed unless your house is very close to the telephone exchange.

I’m waiting on a ADSL Max regrade from my ISP, my line is rated at 6.5Mbps.

BTW “talk talk” is only a free broadband service if “talk talk” is enabled on your local telephone exchange. Only 1000 exchanges are at present enabled.

Given if you are a busy user 40Gb isn’t a lot, every web page, download, e-mail, website, VoIP, IM exchange uses up this limit. I’ll stick with unlimited and pay a little bit f a premium on the others for the privaledge.

hmmmm it seems it would cost more to change anyway… but my dad is still pretty insistant on getting it

Parents are funny things. Take my mum, for example - she knows from me the Ritek make shite DVD-Rs, and now she says “I want that on a Verbatim disc, mind”. :rolleyes:

A bit OT, but I think parents are funny :bigsmile: