Talk me out of buying a TDK velo 16X



Okay, I know I’m making myself open to flames galore, but hopefully I will get some useful information in the meantime. I have a Toshiba DVD to read from, and I want a good burner to go along with it. I want a burner that’s capable of burning music, games, etc. I trust all of your infinite wisdom, so lead me in the right direction. I realize that it’s not necessarily as easy as stating that there’s only one to buy, so please justify your reasons for each choice. Thanks…


I forgot to include that I’m also considering the ACER 1208A. I have heard that it’s a good drive, but I trust all of you guys to set me straight with the facts. There is a large $$ difference between it and the TDK, so I want to be sure that the ACER is a good drive. I can’t find any reviews or much information on the TDK Velo drive, except the ad from TDK which states it’s the greatest (yeah, like they would say anything else).


i have a tdk velocd 16x…
it’s a great drive…
and this drive is fast…and funky looking…

it’s basically a plextor drive… just looks alot better…that’s what i think…
oh yea and tdk isn’t bullshitting when they say it can rip audio at 32x…
i can rip any audio cd within 3 minutes…


I just got a TDK veloCD 16x10x40 and its great (plextor rebadge) I love it sofar, but I cannot seem to get audio extraction any higher than 17x! Anyone have any ideas?


I’m about to buy an Acer 1208A, which CDROM Reader shall I buy to go with it? (so i can read sub channel data)
I’ve heard Toshiba’s are good, has anyone got model#s?


Toshibs XM-6602B/ 6702B look in clone requirements :cool:


Thanks, can I just ask why the Toshiba’s are good for reading?
and which Model# is the best ta


Can’t find anywhere in the UK that sell’s the above models, I can only find a DVD Drive with Model# SDM1502 which is not listed CloneCD’s hardware suggestions, probably because it’s a new model…will this do the same job as previous models?