Tales for the l33t

Check this out. It takes a bit to load on a 56k but you wont regret it. I was laughing for about 5 minutes after watching this. :slight_smile:

Alread seen it … R0X0RS ! :slight_smile:

That’s “fux0r’ing” funny!

ok, im ignorant. what does l33t mean? I know its obvious but i can’t figure it out


I think its actually 1337 to be correct, but its easier for n00bs to understand “l33t”

i thought of leet in my head. I just didn’t put together ELite.


H4X0r sPeak. Quickly replacing the english language.

Old school hac4r speak cobol…

But anyway that was funny azzd $sh1t

OMFG, my fscking head hurts from all the kiddie scripts.:eek:

I like the soundtrack though.:bigsmile:

Hehe great! They should have a disclaimer *Best viewed after a game of Counter-Strike :bigsmile: . That was a long flash animation, and not very many moving objects, but still funny.

Also from that site:

Ok, mini Backspace buttons are ghey, as are jumbo Enter buttons. But that’s what you have to compromise by buying $5 kbs.

Someone has written a small (9Kb) ‘Le3T 5pe@k GEN3R4TOr’ which as it says generates ‘l33t’ speak.

Available here for anyone whose interested.

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I posted this in the Quest, but for those of you who dont visit (shame on you ;)) heres the link.

L33T mA+rIx