Tale of two burners

I recently had a a memorex dvd burner put in ,but the tech rather than take out the burner i already had, instead took out the cd rom. So now I have two burners the old one and now this memorex which writes/burns at a higher speed. I tested it out on windows media player while the tech was present and it worked. all i had to do was the select which drive i wanted to burn with. But now when I use my Easy Avi to DVD burner program it automatically selects my old burner and wont allow me the option to choose my new burner to burn with? Can anybody help me?

Have you thoroughly checked the documentation and/or help file? Is there a forum for your program somewhere? If you want to try something different have a look at DVD Flick, http://www.dvdflick.net/. It will convert and burn using Imgburn which allows you to select which burner you want to use. It is freeware. I’ve never heard of the program you are using and can’t offer any help with it. Maybe you can uninstall then reinstall your program and see if it asks you which burner you want to use. Good luck.

Hi and Welcome!

maybe you need to reinstall your software. Or check if there are updates available.

A workaround would be to create just an ISO image (not sure if the software supports this), and burn that ISO with the free, highly recommended ImgBurn.