Taking way to long

hey everyone i just got me a dvd burner yesterday and i burnt my first dvd last night. It took 14 hours to complete??? on the box it says it should take 7 mins. I got a memorex duel format 16x speed for dvd and 48x for cd i updated my firmware is there anything else i could do? also im using nero version 6.3

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Usually these problems are due to DMA disabled.

Enable DMA and see if this solve your problem.

See here regarding DMA


it is turned on i checked that also.

Another thing that can slow burnings is a harddrive heavily fragmented and almost full.

Also some applications running in background can slow burning process.

Moreover, if your burner and harddrive share the same IDE channel burnings can go slower.

A 80 wire IDE cable can also improve things.

ok ill try to defragment the drive and try again everything else you put is greek to me i took it to best buy to have it installed :slight_smile:

Try to use Infotool: it’s free and don’t require installation. Run it and post an image like this. Save image in PNG format (it’s clearer and with smaller file dimensions :wink: )

ok here it is

If I’m not wrong you have only one HD on primary IDE channel and the burner and a DVD ROM on the secondary IDE channel.

Are you trying to do a copy “on the fly”?

im trying to burn from my hard drive

If you use nero, try to do a speed test for your HD

how did you get to that

Run nero and go to menu File --> Preferences

im not finding it im on the smart start page

You need to run first nero burning rom. I don’t use that annoying smart start, so I don’t know where is the right button to press.

Go to nero installation directory and double click on nero.exe

Usually it’s there “C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero

ok did that what am i looking for?

See the previous post: check your HD speed pressing the button

it came up as 41,011 kbs? is that what you needed

Yes, thanks :slight_smile:

This value should be good for burnings. If DMA is enabled, try to see if freeing some space from HD and defragmenting will solve your problem.

Some mainboards require that DMA must be activated also in BIOS. Check this also next time you boot your computer.

After defragging please post here results :slight_smile:

well i defraged and its still taking 11 hours to make a dvd any other suggestions?

What IDE drivers do you have?

Check on Device Manager --> IDE ATA/ATAPI

double click on Secondary IDE Channel and select “Drivers”. Do you use standard microsoft drivers?