Taking the NEC 3500 or the Liteon 1213s?

Decision hard to take for me… the Nec is 84€ and the Liteon 80€

Which one?

Uh, no comparison. Right now the 1213S is crap for burning at anything above 8x, while the 3500A has already proven itself to be a capable burner at 12x (16x will probably have to wait for 16x media, so far the tests of 8x@16x haven’t been that great to my knowledge). The NEC also burns Dual Layer discs at 4x. Go for the NEC.

What tests? Can you give a link, I’d like to see some scans of the 3500 burns.


The tests are of a TDK 1616N which is a rebadged NEC-ND3500A here :wink: