Taking parts of video off a DVD

Ok so ive been looking around the forums and i havnt found an ansewr to my question, and i belive this is the right forum to ask my question!

short story time
My father iworks for movies and he wants me to make a DVD that has all the work he has done compiled into one video, a trailer of sorts i suppose. Well i need to know how to take video clips off a DVD and put them into a format that video editing software could read. hope that makes sense.


If I need to get a clip off of a DVD I play the DVD into my Panasonic AG7450 Editing S-VHS editor which has a time base corrector that defeats the copy protection that wont allow my Dv or DVCAM decks to record from a DVD player directly. I then hook up my DHR-1000 sony deck or my VX2000 camera’ analog input to the editors output. I then enter the clips into my editing program from the DV tape.
I have heard that a good “ripper” program can turn the compressed DVD files into something like a quick time movie or AVI so an editing program can deal with them. I don’ have actual experience with this but know that the computer does not recognize the content as video and audio files without this conversion. I brought a cheap program called DVD Ripper media suite. I paid 10 dollars for it but 'I haven tried to pull clips off of a DVD yet.

There are various programs and methods to accomplish this. I suggest you do some reading at www.dvdrhelp.com , and decide how indepth you want to get. There are free solutions that take multiple steps, and there are all in one solutions that cost some money.

Use DvD shrink to inport the DvD and just select the part you wont.
then save to a mao on HD.
Then inport the Video files(VOB) into your video edit software(i use ulead videostudio8)
into tje time line with the rest of your stuf and safe and burn as 1 big movi

With TMPGEnc DVD Author you can import a DVD video, choose which part retain and which discharge, and also to insert menus on authored DVD. It is possible import more than one video to create a unique video DVD with many parts taken from different videos.

In my opinion, user interface is very simple and intuitive. Too bad, is not free.