Takes 4 hrs to burn a dvd

I have had fab express for 4-5 months now(got the pc at same time)About a week ago i started having problems burning dvds.Instead of 20-28 min. to burn a dvd it now takes 2-3and 4 hours.Also when dvd plays a movie it is like showing a clip at a time…Can anyone help me …I have not installed any new programs

aj, check the secondary ide controller settings in device manager. Should be set to use “ultra dma”, and actually set at that for port your burner on. If set at PIO, there will be problems. My experience has been also that burners are finicky, and [U]some [/U] seem to have short life span.

It is not the burner,i can tell you that most of the writing errors that people have is software related,either some conflicting software is on your computer,and most of the time it is the burning software that we use that cause most of the problem,i had a friend of mine that went through 2 brand new LG burners,because he thought the problem was hardware,when i told him to purchase the dvd regeion free software that runs in the background,everything was perfect.

checked device manager is on ultra,as far as i know i dont have any other programs that will burn dvds on my pc.I purchased the region and fab express,i looked at a list on here of conflicting programs and i dont have any of them.I dont get an error message it does copy a dvd(2 hours)and burn(2hours).Even when you watch a movie on pc it is jerky,but works fine on television dvd

So it sounds like any dvd disc is playing screwy, is this correct?
If you insert a studio dvd (original, not burned), does it play “jerky”?
It still sounds like a DMA issue as Larry suggested and it also sounds like you’re not too certain about how to check…that’s ok, we’ll figure it out.

Click on this link by Womble and follow his guide.

Post back and let us know…
Good luck, hope this helps… :wink:

Something is fishy here. Without DMA, the actual burn process should fail at such a low speed. I have never had this DMA problem but have just tried ripping one DVD without DMA enabled and it seems to me that riping to HD would take about 10-15 minutes per GB. Burning at this slow rate is nearly impossible (of course it depends on the burner).

And also, you are sure you have DMA enabled…

I suggest to run Windows task manager during ripping by Fab. 100 per cent of CPU usage and over 90 percent by Fab thereof is expected. If you see other figures check why. If not Fab is responsible and I really wonder why.

I had a similar problem sometime back and only program on the computer was DVDFab Platinum. What happened was that I had a quick mouse click and accidentally loaded Express twice.


I checked the dma for windows xp.I have 2 primary,2 secondaryand 2 standard duals,all are on enable dma.The example of what device manager should look like only had 1 of each.Could that be the problem??Also the task manager showed fab express taking 90% of processor speed(still was over 155 min to just copy movie).Then the system idle process went to 98%.Also the original dvd is jerky when i try to play it .Any suggestion are appreciated

Maybe the example was that of a notebook with only one IDE connector. Normally you have two with one primary and one secondary device each, so your settings and processor usage seems to be normal. I do not know to what extent the jerky original can be resposible for all this but it would be worth to try a flawless original as well.

Not sure what’s going on here, but if it were me, here’s what I’d try next. Uninstall your optical drives via device manager, both on “DVD/CD-ROM Drives” and “IDE controllers”. Shut down the system, physically unplug the optical drives (yeah, I know this may be overkill, but it’ll only take a couple of minutes). Power up and shutdown again. Now plug in your drives, power up, let windows reinstall and keep your fingers crossed… :wink:

Have you played any Sony Produced DVDs or CDs on this computer? Sounds like the old rootkill could be at work here. It has been awhile since I have heard anything about this malware other that Sony settling some law suits.


wanted to say thanks for your help.The uninstall worked!! I had everything crossed,I usually have a problem just turning on the pc

Great news… :smiley: … and you’re most welcome… :iagree: