Takes 2 seconds to rip the dvd?

Pointed to source, pointed to destination…

After choosing english sound & a 20 chapter portion,

I click next and it immediately says ‘done!’

What’s goin on? Any ideas?
Tried with end of days and saving private ryan originals.

Please help! :confused:

Many thanks :wink:

try chickenmans tutorials. no one can help you without you providing any details about how you are doing it. what programs…etc.

lack of hard drive space?

Nah, I think he’s got a improper ASPI layer installation. For some reason a lot of people use this ForceASPI, aka Adaptec ASPI 4.60 on their system. I’ve had no problem running Adaptec ASPI 4.71.2 on WinXP Pro.

My advice, get ForceASPI and install it over whatever you have.

where do I get force aspi?

Many thanks.

RE DISK SPACE, HAVE 100+gb free. Thanks anyway.

Originally posted by Lancsweb
where do I get force aspi?
Google for it.

I had this problem the other day using smartripper. The second i pressed rip it said done because i had not enetered where i wanted it to rip to although i thought i had. it has nothing to do with aspi, you just need to check your settings again

Loaded aspi and rebooted, -no change, and always have set target drive, a 60gb barracuda I set aside for big stuff, into a ‘dvdworkspace’ folder.

Can you use dvd decrypter instead of smartripper??

Thanks for all your help so far :bow:

Of course you can use DVD Decrypter. Or cladDVD XP .NET if you’re running WinXP. Try them both and see if they’ll solve the instant done prob for you. BTW, unlike old and out dated rippers (smart ripper), cladDVD XP will auto create the folder based on the DVD lable. Don’t know about DVD Decrypter, been a loyal cladDVD follower since it’s 0.xx days.

Originally posted by Stoner
BTW, unlike old and out dated rippers (smart ripper), cladDVD XP will auto create the folder based on the DVD lable.

I must disagree, I use Smart RIpper 2.41 and once Ive selected the folder to rip the DVD to it auto creates directories based on the DVD label. However the setting must be turned on for it to do so.

I have to agree with Savannah

Thanks, have downloaded CLAD and will try it. :bigsmile:

DVDdecrypter does make the folder by the label, but rather annoyingly at the root of a drive it seems to pick at random.

After new aspi and an update to 111dvd2one it seems to be working, though for some reason “end of days” went pear shaped at the end of the film for a few seconds then carried on, possibly the media used.

I’m told by a friend you can rip the menus and all, whereas I only dvd-decrypted the main movie file. If I rip the lot to disk should dvd2one copy the menu’s and subs/extras???

Many thanks again.