Taken apart my DVD-R

I want to take apart my DVD-R cause there is a clicking sound I want solved. Does opening the case of my internal DVD-R player automatically kill it? Trying to find the clicking noise which seems to be getting worse.

What model??

It won’t kill it, you can pretty much take it all apart and if you don’t literally break anything and put it back the way it was you won’t kill it.

are you talking about a standalone set top recorder or an internal computer drive?

with computer drives there are stickers on the drive itself that you must break through in order to take it apart…if you break the sticker your warranty is automatically voided. I imagine teh same would go for a dvd recorder as well so be careful if you’re worried about your warranty

(although if your warranty were still ine ffect, you probably wouldn’t be trying a fix it yourself method anyway I guess)

You can certainly do this, but don’t count on being able to fix the problem.