Take VOB files from 2 DVD and Put on one DVD

Hi All,

What’s the best and easiest way to take the VOB files from 2 disks and then write them to one DVD-R disk? The 2 DVD aren’t copy. They are 2 seperate disks of now departed one that I want to combine so I can mail out just one disk to several relatives plus have one for myself. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Are these home videos or Comercial DVD’s?

Hmmm… I think we’ll assume they’re home videos for the time being, and legally distributable.

The easiest way is to buy a re-authoring application such as either TPMGenc, DVD-Movie Factory 4, or Nero Vsion Express, and combine the VOB files to DVD-Video that way.

Otherwise, it depends what is meant by “best”. There are free ways to do this, but it isn’t as “easy” and covered by the various guides on ‘doom9’ (search via videohelp.com/guides)

You can use this guide to do what you want. Chopper XP is free program that will let you extract the vobs.

Thank you all for the help. I followed the guide sugested by sikoone, download vobedit and ifoedit. It took me just a few tries to catch on what I was doing with ifoedit, especially the part about setting the language. But on the first try of building my iso with imgburner I succeeded!