Take Two

This might be old news but I’m new here. Has anybody else had any problems with the Take 2 back up program? I ended up coastering five cd"s when an “internal error” popped up in the middle of a back up. I had shut down all the other programs that were running, screen saver etc. Subsequent attempts always come up with another error early in the back up. Does anyone know the secret?

As you probably know, Roxio has discontinued this program. They felt it was inadequate to deal with the large hard drive capacities that are currently available. I have used it in the past with some success, but I must say that I agree with them. I switched to another hard drive for my backups.

If you want to use Take Two, here are some tips:

I assume that you are using CD-RW discs. I had success with these if all of the required discs were formatted in advance with DirectCD. Don’t delete files from an already formatted disc, but do a clean format. Make sure that auto insert notification is turned on.

Formatting on the fly within the Take Two program uses a different procedure. Discs formatted this way use variable length packets and are closed to ISO 9660. This is the same method that DirectCD uses for formatting CDR’s. The advantage is that the formatting is very fast and doesn’t require the overhead of normal DirectCD CD-RW formatting. A CD-RW formatted with Take Two will have about 95 MB more capacity than one formatted with DirectCD. The disc must be completely erased before it can be used again. Make sure that auto insert notification is turned on.

If you want to use Take Two for on the fly formatting, be sure to use good quality discs that are new or that have been completely erased before use. Don’t use the quick erase feature for this use, as this only erases the table of contents but leaves all other data intact. It is a safety measure to completely erase the disc first, which restores it to a blank, like new condition.

An alternative backup method to try with Take Two is to record the disk image to hard drive. This can be done by selecting the backup destination with no disk inserted in the drive. In the next step when the program asks to insert a blank disk, choose “Advanced”. Browse to a disk or partition location large enough to store the image file. Use the “Size Limitations” to limit files sizes to 640-645 MB each. The backup to hard drive is fast. The hard drive files can then be copied to CD-RW or CDR in Easy CD Creator Data Mode 1 Joliet format without the need for packet writing and formatting. If CD-RW is used, it can still be erased and used again. This method and the following do not require DirectCD.

A third alternative is to skip the CDR-RW’s altogether and backup and restore directly from the hard drive. If this method is chosen, limiting the file size is not necessary. The program will automatically start another spanned image file if required. If you have the space, you can even create a compressed copy of a partition within the same partition. One caveat, you can’t restore a C: drive from a backup image on the same drive. :slight_smile:

Thanks Inertia.
I knew Roxio did not support Take two anymore but did not know the reason. My drive is 40G. I might give it one more go as you described. If that fails I’ll use another back up program.