Take two dvd-rw and combine on 1 dvd-r

I record my son basketball games and i have one half on 1 disc and the second half on anotha…how do i get them on my pc and add write them on a dvd-r…i tried copying the files to my computer and then importing the files to windows movie maker but it cant convert some of the files and some it didnt convert them right because it might b a 2min clip but it loops the clip and reads as a 30hr clip

Do you have them on HDD already?..

i record them on a dvd camcorder…a samsung…i think the format is VR

Did you finalize the DVD-RWs? Is there a VIDEO_TS folder?I don’t do much cam to pc transfers, but you will get help soon enough from those that do…

yep…those are the files i tried importing into windows movie maker in which it only imported two of the 5 video files and one was like a big loop of it self

edit—yes the disc was finalize and there is the video_ts folder

“yep”, meaning there [B]is[/B] a VIDEO_TS folder with IFOs,BUPs, VOBs?
If so try merging all the VOBs with VobMerge or Vob2MPG and then maybe try something like AVIDemux to edit and create/copy to one file…Or once merged use ConvertXtoDVD or AVStoDVD,FAVC etc,to create a single DVD…
There are other commercial tools available,that I’m sure others will recommend…


ok and thank u for the help…hopefully it work and if not ill keep looking for a way