Take a look at this scan

Back before I knew much about backing up movies, I used InstantCopy–the Disk Quality scan below was burned on either an NEC 1100, or a Plextor 708UF (can’t remember which).

Since I’ve been learning a ton of great info here, I’ve gone back and started scanning some of these old disks. What a shock! The scan you see here is actually one of the better ones.

I stopped using InstantCopy a long time ago, and now use Decrypter and Shrink solely. The reason I’m posting this here, rather than on Recording Software, is that I am curios what it is that produces a curve like I’m seeing here. Every single one of the disks I burned back then, and just scanned now, looks basically like this. I realize now that InstantCopy is pretty much a p.o.s., and doubt I’d ever touch it again, but just for my own curiosity, what produces a graph like this?

And I have played all these old disks in my older Panasonic set-top player–which use to be the only way I could judge if a disk was good or not. I thought they were fine. Stupid me. :confused:

How could a disk that scans this bad, even play?

As it increases fairly linearly as it moves toward the edge of the disc, the problem is related to that. Either the disc or the drive was deteriorating as it went further from center. I’m sure people with more experience can add more. The reason it plays has to do with the wise range or variance in each readers ability to correct errors.

You might try Liggy and Dees modified FW as Dee is adding tweaks almost daily. As well just an FYI, CD-DVD Speed Version 3.80 works better with the NEC 3520A as Eric Deppe gave a note on Version 3.75 that you had to do a Reg edit to get the Proper ECC if you didn’t already know that.:slight_smile:

That scan doesn’t even look that bad.
I had the same thing, I also had to scan my old DVD’s, and I never saw one as good as that one !!
But what I have figured out is, my stand-alone DVD player (Pioneer DV 470)
will play anything as long as the PIF stays under a constant 200 (at 7.00 ECC).
Spikes aren’t a real problem.
And indeed, try Liggy & Dee’s firmware

Dont forget every drive reads backs differntly, if you tried that on a LiteON drive the PI / PIF could be lower but if you scanned with say a BenQ they could be higher it all depends on the scanning device.