Take a look at MSI 16-B

made in malaysia
f/w version M1.0

1st burn.
Media used: Benq 8x DVD+R ( Daxon AZ2)
speed: 8x@16x
data size: 4466MB

too lazy to wait. so i scanned at 8x.

scan at 4x

TDK 8x DVD+R (Ricohjpnr02) 8x@16x

this is kprobe at 8x.

The 4x scan shows many more errors than the 8x. Maybe you could rescan the last disc@ 4x?

4x kprobe scan for ricohjpnr02 8x@16x
better than Benq 8x dvd+r :slight_smile:

TDK 8x DVD-R (TTG02) 8x@8x

very gd results

Why is this in the Benq forum? Is this perhaps a relabeled Benq drive?

yes it is a rebadged Benq 1620

Ritek G05 DVD-R 8x@8x

YUDENT001 4x DVD+R burned at 12x.
amazing results :iagree:

Imation dvd-r 8x (MCC 02RG20 )

drive: MSi DR16-B f/w M1.4 ( bENQ1620 oem)
mediacode RITEKR04
data 4466mb
Nero 63125
time taken 5:57min

great results!