Take a few seconds out of a dvd movie (vob) and convert to mpg


I am trying to grab a piece of a movie from our own dvd’s, so we can show our visitors a small example for how it is.

I searched around and found Vobsplit 2.6 to take out a small vob file. Then i use TMPGEnc-2.5 to convert the .vob to mpeg.

The video quality etc is good but i don’t get any sound, i think it’s vobsplit which converts only the video and not the audio. But i have no idea.

Someone an idea or maybe an alternative? Thanks.

I’d just use MPEG2Cut to literally cut out the bit you want from one of the VOB files. Then just rename from VOB to MPEG, no need to convert.

Thanks Chickenman, i am gonna test MPEG2cut in a few min out.

I have a small vob file now and i did renamed it to .mpg but windows media player can’t play the .mpg file, it cannot find the codec. Which codecs do you have installed for playing the .mpg file? thanks

MWP does NOT play mpeg2 video or ac3 audio (both make up a normal DVD stream) unless you have some DVD Player installed or MPEG2 and AC3 codecs installed.