TaiyoYuden ValueLine DVD-R 8X TYG03 from Shop4tech

i placed an order of TY Valueline DVD-R 8X on 9/4/06 and got it today.

it does not have enough information when i ordered it, now i knew it is TYG03 and nero displays it could be burned at 16X. i do not trust it, so i burned it at 8X with my LITEON 1673S(FW:JS0D). here is the result:

PI errors
MAX: 15
TOTAL: 31529
PI failures
MAX: 2
TOTAL: 724

and quality score is 95.

this is the first time i burn TY discs, i do not know if this means good or not. somebody pleases tell me.

the second disc, for safety, burned at 6x.

TYG03 is 16x media, but for whatever reason when it is sold as Value Line it is only certified for 8x. No one knows for sure what the difference is between Premium and Value TY, but the Value discs are apparently of somewhat lower quality, hence the lower speed rating for the 16x discs. Now if you buy Value Line 8x and get TYG02, which really is 8x media, I have no idea what would make those any different from the standard TYG02.

[B]guiyunzi[/B], both your scans are very good! It’s even possible you’ll get good results if you burn these at 12x. With your drive you would probable not get as good results if you burn at 16 with this or any other media, but you can try if you want.

Please report back here with your results, and posting the screenshot of your scan is better than just posting the numbers. :slight_smile:

the third disc burned at 8X, looks not that good…

It’s okay. PIE and PIF a little high for TY media, but I’ve seen much worse burns from worse media :slight_smile:

Actually, Panasonic-branded TYG03 only burn slightly better than that at 12x on my LiteOn 1635S. I can provide a scan if required.

So I’d class that as OK.

In all honesty I think you guys have much too high expectations of what a “good” scan should look like. The scans in posts #2 and #5 are very good IMO. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I can be too picky, I’ll readily admit that :slight_smile:

But yeah, I’d be content with those scans. I guess what I meant by OK is that I’d be happy with it - I’m not too good at phrasing some things.

Wonder how kg_evilboy will respond…

[B]Arachne[/B], according what you said, i tried to burn at 12X, and that is amazing, it is much better than 6X and 8X!!!

forgot to say, the scans shows the lower PIF but higher PIE? i saw some good scans, both of PIE and PIF are very low??? PIE and PIF, which is more important?

Wow, that’s nice! :clap:

I wouldn’t take much notice of PIE unless they’re astronomical, but that’s just me.

If you always run a TRT (transfer rate test) when you scan, that’s good too. :slight_smile:

Edit: Try that scan again at 4x since that’s a 3S drive you have there (I should have noticed before) - the results may look even nicer :wink:

another burned at 12X, but it shows BOTH PIF and PIE are higher than burned at 6X, so the discs burn at 12X may not be staple enough? it seems that i should stay at 6X for safety and better quality?

You’re over-analyzing your scans!

The variations you see is well within the normal variation beween scans of the same disc in the same drive, not to mention the variation between discs.

Look here for an example of scan variation.

[B]DrageMester[/B], i read the post and now i realized PIE may not that important, it keeps a big changing every time it scans, but PIF looks almost same if people use same speed in the same BenQ DW1655 drive with the same firmware(your example).

from my scans, the lowest PIF got by burning at 12X, i will try more time to verify the result because the first serveral time i only write 4GB do disc.

but, as you said, i may be too nervious about the scans, this is the 1st time i use TY’s discs, i just try to figure a way out to determine the best writing speed, so in the future i could just burn them without too much thinking.

Thanks for your great post, that really helps, and i could have a rest & get rid of the scans. xD

but, as you said, i may be too nervious about the scans, this is the 1st time i use TY’s discs, i just try to figure a way out to determine the best writing speed, so in the future i could just burn them without too much thinking.

I have been burning TY and verb for quite some time, but only been able to scan (with a reliable drive, the LiteOn) for a little while, but IMO if you see PIE’s (the top ones) below 10~12 and PIF’s below 2 with the odd 2.5 and spaced out evenly across the disk without any big clumps, i.e. with a score of, or better than 90~93 then I feel the disk is very good, and to prove this the TRT test (transfer rate test) should be smooth all the way to the end.

From what I have read, it seems that people expect (I know I did before I read the threads linked below) to see nothing in a DVD scan and if they do then think there could be a problem with the disk when there more than lightly will not be and the disk will play fine in a DVD player because they run at ‘around’ 1x this is something I am planning to look into more, as I wonder if this is not the case as because I can here mine spin up the disk every minute as it loads data… but this is another thing, for another place :smiley:

These are the threads I spent quite some time reading and think that anyone should do so if they really what to understand this scanning thing better. In fact all the stickies in the Media Testing/Identifying Software would not do any harm as there are a few new ones, I have yet to read.

Precision, accuracy, and reliability of disc quality (PI/PO/jitter) tests

Quality Scan vs Transfer Rate Test

CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality (PI/PIF) Test

To say the least. :iagree:

In my book, all the scans posted are in the same league of “very good”. There is no significance in so little variations.

i’m actually jealous of your results. my sony branded tyg03 had pie errors around 200’ish and pif errors that would make my cmc mag blush. as a matter of fact my cmc mags had better results. most likely a bad batch. from my observations the discs appear to be authentic ty. i’m praying that the scans are totally off since i’m using the pioneer 111d for scans (pios aren’t recommended for scanning but it’s the only burner i have).


As [B]Arachne[/B] said earlier - do your Disc Quality tests at [B]4x[/B] not the [B]8x[/B] as you have been showing up to now - your LiteOn is a 1673 which [B]4x[/B] scanning speed gives the more accurate scan-eh!

got it, 1673 should set the scanning speed to 4X, is my 1673 too old to use 8X scan?

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