Taiyo Yuden's won't work?

I bought 100 Taiyo’s DVD-R 6 months ago and burned through all of them to great effect.

This recent batch of DVD-R’s doesn’t seem to work. I burn in Nero and when I go to discard the batch and eject after it’s 100% done, it just hangs inside the drive and takes forever for it to eject. It then will not play on any drive at all. I recently reformatted and reinstalled a new version of Nero, I wonder if it’s a software issue? Nero

I have an NEC-3500. I’m not sure what the problem is. NERO also tried to pretend it was a Dual layer disc, meaning that when I went to add files, the red marker was way up in the 8 GB realm.

Running Nero Disc Info reads this :

Blank DVD-R
layers: 1
Manufacturer ID: TYG03

Any help is appreciated, I’ve made 10 coasters already!

First off, can you update your Nero? isn’t exactly recent. Also, you don’t get any errors when burning it with Nero, do you? If you do, an error log would really help. :slight_smile:

I’m upgrading now but there were no error messages during burn. I also pulled up one of my old DVDs from the batch of Taiyo’s that worked before.

I noticed that they are different
The old successful ones are
TYG02 and the new ones are TYG03

What is the difference?

TYG02 = 8x -R
TYG03 = 16x -R

Just out of curiosity, what speed were you burning those TYG03’s at?


x8 and x16 I believe. If your firmware is pre x16 media, or your drive just cannot use x16 media (which may burn none too well at x8 or below), that seems to be the problem. BTW - the only real Ident of media is the code around the hub - are these real not fake?

Hmm, around the hub it reads: GH000126

The ones that worked: GG000103

The old ones burned at 12x speed I believe and these I tried at 12x but hasn’t worked (12 is the max for these), I’ll try slowing it down.

My NEC has original firmware.

Well, they appear to be genuine.

I’m wondering why Nero doesn’t show the max speed for the new discs as 16x, though.

Well slowing it down worked. Sorry guys. I know enough about media to know to try slowing the burn speed down but for some reason I put blinders on thinking this new media was exactly like the ones I bought before.