Taiyo Yudens TYG03 certified at 4x on sale are goods or not?

Hi, Just a question today. My Online seller (http://www.blankmedia.ca/proddetail3.asp?id=955) have Taiyo Yudens with TYG03 code but claims that they are only certified tu burns at 4x. The price is very good in CANADA (35$ US or 40$ CAN for 100 packs) and it’s not a problem for me to burns my media at 4x.

To compare they sell TYG02 8x certified 10$ more. My burner is LG 4163B.
Do you think I can took a chance with Taiyo Yudens at 4x?


This is “value-line” TY media. Personally, I’d avoid it and any dealer that sells it. Others have had excellent results with it. It is 16x media, (G03), that will burn poorly at 4x. 8x to 12x will give best results.

TYG03 media but only certified at 4x?

I have Verbatim x8 & x16; TDK x8 & x16; and Taiyo Yudens Value packs of TYG01 and TYG02. They are all good disks, but the TY’s are the best. I would think most of the certified at 4x will burn very nicely at a higher burn speed. If this is a good price in Canada, I would buy them before they are out.

Value line TYG03 can be very problematic… the premium TYG02 is definately worth it imo.

The deal is that value line can be 4x, 8x or 16x rated media so it isn’t always TYG03. Therefore they go with the lowest speed rating (TYG01) just to be safe.