Taiyo Yuden

Pronounced tye-oh yoo-din or tay-oh yoo-din?

We Know ! :iagree:

Um… I was asking a question. hehe

I wondering which of the two pronunciations is correct.

I honestly don’t know, how do you personally say it?

I usually say tye-oh yoo-din but thats just me. :bigsmile:

Yeah, that is how I say it and I guess that’s pretty much right. I apologize for not sifting through my search results a little better.


you can say it both ways it’s ok to say tye-oh yoo-din or tay-oh yoo-din :slight_smile:



It’s: [I]Tra’yayoh Yoyo,den[/I] or: [I]Thaï, Yo? You den![/I]
But personally I prefer Tata Yoyo