Taiyo Yuden

I have just started using the 8x - Ty`s, great discs, however at £40.00 for 100 at SVP they dont come cheap,


are selling for £6 less, however they are 16x + would these be a better disc than the 8x - type?

I prefer the 8x TYs…and since I’m especially picky (:bigsmile: ), I like the +Rs (T02). I think the 8x ones are worth the money (and I paid even more than that for some Verb T02s in Maplin’s a few weeks ago :eek: ). :slight_smile:

I never dealt with that company before, so I can’t say how good they are.

The 16x + are TAIYO~Y002 so whats the diff?
No probs with the company have used before :slight_smile:

The 16x +Rs are actually YUDEN000 T03 ;)…I think the TAIYO~Y002 is just an item code on the site.

I think it depends on firmware support, one of my drives (the LG4163) actually burns T03 very well, even at 16x. :slight_smile:

No harm in getting them though, as long as you’re using the latest firmware for your burner, they probably will burn very nicely!

No 16x +R TY are T03 not T02… T02 (8x) has better firmware support at the moment, and this means better burns.

But 16x T03 are still much better than most other discs out there.

which dye is the best all rounder TAIYO~Y002 or Y003 there is also Y004 :confused:

YUDEN000 T03 is the MID for genuine Taiyo Yuden 16X+R media. Many people believe the burn quality is not quite as good as the 8X+R YUDEN000 T02’s.

So is the Y003 dye used on both plus and minus 16x disc?

Dont understand why a company would change dyes if you have the best why change???


If you want the best, most compatible TY media, the +R T02 8x are the type to choose. 16x is not as consistent burn quality/well supported as the 8x +R. The extra cost of the 8x media is worth it, IMO.

16x is the burn speed the general market/users are demanding, and TY is just keeping up with rival manufacturers in providing 16x certified discs.

It`s totally confusing, so let me get this straight,

The 16x 003 dye is not as good as the 8x 002 dye even though one would think the higher numbers indicate a newer better quality disc, looks like TY`s marketing dept needs sorting out. :confused:

Photoshop Kid:
Each disc has a so called MID written to it (like T02 or T03 etc). The Burner will first read that MID and compare it to the entry in the firmware. The MID tells the Drive at which speed and Strategy the Media is to be written to. Since 8x and 16x Discs need different write strategies and the max write speed is different the MID code has to be different too.

Thanks for that, still dont understand why TY would call the latest discs oo3, and they are not as good as 002, not to worry I will stick with x8 oo2, thanks again

^TO specify that they are 16X speed compatible by default, they have a new MID. Simple, no?

why assume that the dye has changed, probably not, production has probably increased, quality control may be more spotty, recent batches of TYG02 and Yuden T02 show some problems also. Firmware and burn strategy is another can of worms.

The T02 media has been around for a long time (relatively) so the firmware developers have been able to tune the write strategy to get the best possible result from what is probably the best media available.

With the T03 media being relatively new and perhaps not as high quality as the T02 the firmware is not quite as well tuned as for the T02.

Be that as it may most of my burners (NEC 4570 excluded) still produce very good burns on my Plextor branded T03 discs.