Taiyo Yuden

Most seem to agree that Taiyo Yuden is the best for blank DVD media. As an alternative, “made in Japan” seems to be better than “made in Taiwan”.

Why is most of the Taiyo Yuden in the (-) format? There seems to be only one Taiyo Yuden in (+). I got started in (+) and have never changed to (-) even though I can burn either.

Any suggestions and why is Taiyo Yuden mostly (-)?

What do you mean with one TY in +, the certified speed of the media or like printables?
Personally i’ve seen both formats in different versions, unbranded like shiny silver,
silver or white printable, the same thing with speeds 4x, 8x, and 16x.Only the 16x +R(T03) is hard to find in europe :wink:

I’ve since found more (+) in the TYDDVD+R4.7S-8X-50.

Which country are you located in? TY is readily available in both formats here in the US.

In the UK, most sotckists that have TY, normally only have the -r variety - so behind the times.

I have recently bought some Maxell CD-R Pro 700MB from a local Staples store.
I have used several programs to ID them and they are showing up as Taiyo Yudens. :slight_smile:
Also the color of the dye is like that of a Taiyo.
If these discs work well I’m going to start using them, as the only other half decent CD-R media available around here is the Verbatim Data Life Plus from Mitsubishi.
Just wanted to let everyone know in case they have trouble finding TY media as well.

that is good to know but the media he is most concerned about is DVDR media. I agree that in the UK + media isn’t as readily available. You can get Fuji relabeled TY +R from aprmedia though at a decent price. http://www.aprmedia.com/product.php?pid=1931

I have not seen any 16x TY+R discs in the UK or Europe - although I have not looked extensively outside the UK.

8x TY+R discs (either TY or Fuji) are available - I use both plus 16x TY-R.