Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T03 16X DVD+R Info

Does anyone know when the YUDEN000T03 16X DVD+R (or the -R) will be available? Any rumors on how good it is? I know some of us have stopped stocking up on media in hopes that the TY03 will be available before we need media again, so any info. (if any) that you have would be helpful.

Also, has anyone heard if some of the Fuji 16X will be TY03? I know currently the Fuji 16X is PHILIPSC16, but I’m wondering if there will also be some that is TY03.

Basically, this thread is for anything and everything regarding the new 16X TY’s (-R included).

eleewhm has posted a DVDINFOPro screenshot of YUDEN000T03 HERE.(8th pic from the top) There is also a BenQ Qscan posted with it.