Taiyo Yuden with Premium


what’s your comment on these bad plextool scans of taiyo yuden(colour verbatim branded 52x)…?
i had excellent scan results of older(48x) colour verbatim discs.
is my drive too picky or got taiyo yuden that bad ?


Seems to me you really got a bad batch of TY’s there … at which speed did you burn this disc ?

…was an audio cd burn @ 8x
i remember someone at the forum saying something about TY’s recent bad quality

Try burning at 16X, 24X or 32X. 8X is usually not the “sweet spot” of CD-R media these days. The FE/TE looks bad, though. Maybe really a bad batch.

Verbatim has fluctuations in media quality.

Are the discs from “Color”-series or “Pastel”-series.
Color are Verbatim disks and Pastel are Taiyo Yuden. At least here(Estonia).

I think that they are Pastels… the watermark in Plextools’ graph says that they are TY…


Yes, there are from the Pastel series.