Taiyo Yuden, which MID's to go for

Well I have a Benq1650, and looking through the scans of Taiyo Yuden media, I got the impression that YUDEN000 T02, produced better results that discs with media code YUDEN000 T03. Was this just me?? Is there any particular reason behind this?

YUDEN000 T02 tend to produce the best results on my burners, too - so you’re not alone!

That’s why I’m loathe to use the remaining 15 or so Verb T02s that I have…


It has been pointed out by some members here on the forum that it may be because firmwares aren’t fully calibrated for T03 yet as it’s fairly recent media. They work well with my 3540A with 1.04 firmware, which was released recently. It could also be batch variation which was reported here. My batch is TH000015.

Oh, I get excellent result (again, on my 4163) with YUDEN000 T03, too…but I tend to burn at 12x, as is my habit. :slight_smile:

Have you burned these media also with your liteon and with LG 4167? Can you post links for your scans?

My batch says TH000021. I am getting a new 80 conductor IDE cable to replace the 40 pin conductor I have connected to my hard drive soon. I wonder if that will make any difference. I’m really interested to know if anyone has been able to get a 98 % scan on a T003 like ive seen on T002’s?

I posted a burn with a Plextor-branded T03 in the “4167 scans thread”…I’ll see if I can dig it up. :slight_smile:

I burnt my T03’s at 12x aswell, mostly because thats all my PC can handle :bigsmile:

Found it :bigsmile:


Thanks, I missed it. Great scans :iagree:

Do you burned these media also with your liteons?

Thanks! :flower:

Not yet with the LiteOns, although I can burn one tomorrow on my 1693 (and post the results in this thread). The other two aren’t hooked up at the moment :doh:

LOL Kev, it’s the same with the PC my 4167 is in…nothing higher then 12x!

wow that is one nice scan :smiley: But is that a rarity? I mean from what Ive seen out of 10 scans of each, 5 will be 98% of the T002 and of the T003, only 1 or so might be a 98% :frowning: FWIW, I’ve been burning my test discs at 12x also.

For what I know until now this is a rarity. Maybe [B]Arachne[/B]'s burner is possessed by Borgs :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I think that a new firmware should solve this issue in 1650. I’m waiting for it, because I need to buy some new media and I’d like to buy some of these plextor branded 16x media :iagree:

Cheers :flower:

Nah, my TY scans mostly come out like that…only time it’d get a higher QS is if I had a PIF of one (which has happened, on an Infiniti-branded MCC004 I tested :eek: ).

Hahahahaha, my burner is possessed! The 4163 turns out scans like that too (again, on TY media), so maybe that’s possessed too! :eek:

lol!. Infiniti has always worked well for me - one of the only smaller brands I know of that uses only A-Grade media :bow:

How often to BenQ release new firmwares? From what Ive seen on this forum, it can be up to 6 months :confused: or am I mistaken?

Take a look here: there is no a fixed time. When a new firmware is available they publish it

heh so it could easily be in a month

I hope so. I want buy some of these media, but until now they don’t give so great results in 1640 :frowning:

I guess they are so popular because people get good results with them in plextor drives then?? LOL they were just out of stock at spv so I though what the hell, Taiyo for 16 pounds must be a bargain. Oh well, Next time I will splurge on the 100 pack of T002’s. Can people verify that the Taiyo T003’s last as long as the Verb MCC 004’s, with regard to degrading?

I don’t think anyone can because its so new - I may be wrong though. Personally, I really like TY’s because none of mine seem to be degrading - same with MCC coded discs.