Taiyo Yuden - which are the best?

I’ve been using Silver/Light Blue TY cd-r media (unbranded) for quite some time (ordered from meritline). Its the model shown here: http://store1.yimg.com/I/ioprod_1807_265900

My question is this: Are there other kinds of TY apart from this model of Silver/Light Blue? Is there something like a Golden TY?

Are these unbranded Silver/Light Blue TY considered the best TY medias?


TY only makes one type of CDR. The only differences are the back coating, or lack of it.

What is back coating? the upper layer that different companies like Fuji print on the media with their name?

so this means the Silver/Light Blue i’m using are the best?

The dye is called Cyanine, the color’s more like golden/greenish ( to me ).
As for the quality of different brands by TY, pls goto [COLOR=RoyalBlue]TY - Taiyo Yuden

Also take a tour here > [/COLOR]CDR components & Dye characteristics

im using a Teac CD-W552D burner, does it support reporting c1 errors? when im running ‘cd quality check’ on nero cd/dvd speed 3.40 the c1 option is automatically greyed out upon starting the check and only c2 is left checked.

any idea?

dunno, i had a CD-W552E i think (time ago)… it could read C1 errors… maybe the w552e is an upgraded revision of the ~2D…

Hello sir i need cd r silver blue 300 carton