Taiyo Yuden - What brands are sold besides Fuji?

Hi guys,

I’m trying desperately to find good media. No other media is as good as Taiyo Yuden from my experience, some other brands have some good batches but with no consistency, so thus I need your help :slight_smile:

I know Fuji’s from Japan are all Taiyo Yuden. I also have some green dye Memorex that are Taiyo’s and I know they are sold as sometimes “Yamaha” and “That’s CDR” and probably some others.

Can anyone point out any others so guys like myself have a wider selection to look for? I am in Canada so any links to people/websites etc… in the west coast who have some kind of Taiyo media would be great.

Thanks, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Pretty much any CD-Rs you see that are made in Japan are by TY. I think Maxell uses TY CD-R media for its “Pro” series. As for DVD-R media, Sony and Panasonic sell TYG01 media in 5 and 10-disc boxes (again, look for “Made in Japan”). Maxell sometimes uses TYG01 for its 4x -R media, but it also uses its own media (MXL RG01; both are made in Japan). Plextor +R media is always Taiyo Yuden, and Samsung 4x DVD+R 50 disc spindles are sometimes Taiyo Yuden.

Maxell CDR-Pro marked made in Japan is TY, but they are more expensive than the Fuji TY cdr. Watch out for occassional sale at Staples or Zellers. You can also try Blankmedia.ca who carries unbranded TY cdrs.

Thanks for the very helpful info so far guys. Please keep it coming!

Maybe I should also try my luck at the Richmond night market?

Why not buy them online for a fraction of the cost?
RIMA ships to Canada

do they ship to CANADA?

Thanks, I actually checked them out earlier today (ps thanks for last time you helped me I remember you). Their price seems ok but do they have a good reputation? I’ve heard horror stories about on-line purchases, such as companies sending physically damaged media and often not even the media they paid for.

If the above comes out positive, the only other thing is I wonder how much shipping will be and if any taxes or duty will apply. I emailed them and will post the response for other Canadians.

Because even if shipping is free and there is tax + duty, it’s probably still cheaper to buy the Fuji spindles (and they are not cheap already).

Anyway, I’ve had it, I will not try to save money on cheap media. In the long run I’ve paid more for getting inconsistent media, I used to love ProDisc years ago I had a great Silver/Silver batch (not one bad one!) but now ProDisc is crap (at least their E-Pro ones) and Ritek can’t be trusted (my Arita discs have dye problems, the first spindle was great, after that it’s gone down hill).

For non-essential things I might use cheap RiData though if it’s a music disc or something for a friend I don’t care about lasting or working so well :slight_smile: (has anyone found the Ritek (RiData) to be somewhat consistent?)

Thanks again all and I appreciate it so please keep the info coming :).

I sure wish I could find “That’s CDR” or “Yamaha” branded ones, I feel those could be cheaper, at least from what I hear in Hong Kong.

www.rima.com and thier sister company www.accaproducts.com are one of the most reputable media sellers on the net.

Thanks I’ll let you guys know how things turn out if I go with them. It will depend on their answer on shipping, duty and taxes, at least for the Taiyo CDR’s to make them worth while.

yea post here and tell us canadians what they say (or you experience) in terms of duty and whatnot

On top of shipping + duty, you may have to pay custom clearance fee too. Have you tried shopping in Bellingham or Seattle?

As soon as I finish up my Ritek G05 and RicohJpn DVD+R’s I’m going to try those TY’s from Rima.com I’ve bought hundreds of disks from Rima and they never sent me damaged disks or the wrong media.

These media are frequently “on sale” at 2 for 1 at Officedepot.com and their stores. They are sold under the Maxell brand name and are a yellow color disc sold in 15 and 25 packs. When I first started buying these they were MXL RG02, Two Degrees may have meant MXL RG02 here, in the 15 packs, but lately the 25 packs have been TYG01, both are made in Japan and are extremely good media so that either would be a quality disc. As before look for “made in Japan.”

If you’re ordering from RIMA they have 2 shipping options to Canada. One is by UPS and other by USPS. The UPS one looks cheaper, but when they bring the shipment to Canada they charge around 35 dollars for their brokerage fee. Since USPS just goes to Canada post when it crosses the border they charge 5 bux. So use the usps option, I found this out the hard way. It’s actually prevented me from ordering dvd’s from the US again. It costs to much to ship.

I’ve had good luck with riteks, but about every other week future shop has maxell branded TYG01’s on sale for 29.99 for a 25 pack. So last time i just grabbed those and they work great.

just make sure if you order from the US, don’t ship via UPS they are the devil!

Thanks a lot for the info. I doubt it will be worth it to ship it from the US now. Can you tell me did you pay anything else such as duty and taxes on top of the brokerage fee?

p.s. RIMA responded and said:

“Based on our previous customers feedbacks, there are duty tax and brokerage fees that the Canadian government charge which we have no control of. The fees various based on the products and the total amount.”

I don’t think it would be worth it. The Canadian laws are stupid too, we all know the levy doesn’t go to the artist. In fact I’ve been told that sometimes the merchants just pocket the money and that the government doesn’t really collect on it!

However, for things that don’t matter, I can buy 100 S/S Ritek for $29 with no tax :)…but damn I need some more affordable TY media for stuff I care about

100 ritek for $29?? where?

i think im going to head down to either futureshop or best buy and buy the maxell spindles and see what they are …lol

First of all, don’t waste your money with the Maxell. Only CD-Pro Maxell’s made in Japan or TY, the rest are either ProDisc or CMC.

Look in the Buy & Sell (that is no tax!) and a guy is selling it for $29.

Also NCIX has it for like $30 ncix.com or $33 with a 96 CD case. I don’t know if I trust Ritek. I have some Arita branded Ritek and the first spindle had no C2 errors, now the last 2 spindles I’ve had, had a lot of bad disc (many had 60% unreadable sectors) or C2 errors throughout the discs. I thought it was my burner dying but actually the discs with C2/Unreadable sectors had a combination of strange marks and peeling reflective layer :(.

Anyway, if anyone has experience with the Ritek Ridata’s I’d be interested to know. I’ll probably grab those for stuff that isn’t so important but for a hassle burning experience always choose TY.

Made in Taiwan Maxell cdrs are all Ritek. NCIX is having a summer sale on the Ridata cdr 100 spindle w/ngear 96 cd case for C$29.99. Have got a spindle back in June and so far no problems yet. Back to TY Fuji, Super Store is selling them at 29.98 for a 50 spindle plus you get 12 can Canada Dry free. But beware of the Prodisc Fuji which started to show up again.


Not all Taiwan Maxells are Riteks (I wish they were), I just bought a 50 pack of them last week, they were onsale for 1/2 price at Staples. They were MIT Maxells, but checking them with Kprobe, the come up to be Prodisc. They burned OK, but I don’t trust them for longevity. Note: These are the Data discs, the “normal” audio discs may be the Riteks, while we all know the “Pro” audio discs are the TY’s.

Luckily the Maxell +R tubs sold in the UK by blankshop are TY dye - made in japan.