Taiyo yuden watershields

How does everyone like the taiyo yuden watershields in dvd-r? Or is it recommended to stay with the regular taiyo yuden white inkjet hub printables? Thanks all!

What are you asking? How is the printable surface? Once you try them, you’ll never want to use anything else.

How is the disc itself? No different than any other G03.

oh ok thanks… i was mostly wondering about the quality of the disc. I was reading some past threads that said something about the quality of the watershields not being as good as the regular yuden inkjet discs.

They’re the same as any G03. Somebody was probably comparing G02 with G03.
If your burner does not have good firmware support for G03, just burn them at 8x and they’ll be excellent. But I assure you, once you see the printing results, you’ll be hooked.

Yep, amazing prints :smiley:

The glossy Verbatims are a bit too glossy and the TY watershield cdr is very nice still surface is a bit … strange. The TY watershield dvdr are just sweet and nice. Wish they’d use the same for cdr …

I just got a sample of the Ty WaterShield from Rima but I seem to be having trouble getting it to print. After printing on the disc the image is very faint and I can tell the disc is not absorbing the ink as I can wipe it all off. I’m using a Canon ip5000 (import) along with their CD Label Print software version 1.0.2 but I’m not using Canon OEM carts but rather third party G&G. As I constantly print on my regular Ty White Inkjet Hub Printables without any problems do you think it may have something to do with the G&G carts not being compatible with the WaterShields?