Taiyo Yuden Watershield 2 - any better than JVC?

Hello to everybody, lurker for a while, first time poster.

I am looking for water resistant CD-Rs with glossy surface. Recently bought JVC Photo Grade discs, which are as far as I know manufactured by Taiyo-Yuden.

However they are relatively waterproof, their surface has an awful orange-skin like bumpy surface, that spoils the gloss effect.

I would rather not experiment and keep buying batches of CDs, so maybe somebody with experience in this field can direct me:

Are Taiyo-Yuden Watershield the same thing as JVC Photo Grade? If not, do Taiyo-Yuden Watershield have this bumpy surface problem?

Are Taiyo Yuden Watershield 2 any better, is the bumpy/ orange skin effect still present? What is the improvement compared to ordinary Watershield?

Any other brands, that have relatively waterproof surface and glossy finish?