Taiyo Yuden wants to dominate DVD recordable media market

TY couldn’t produce as many CD recordable media than Ritek and CMC Magnetics, but most of those who use CD-R disks most frequently have preferred TY to any Taiwanese maker.

Now it’s been a little over one year since TY started producing DVD+R media and it won’t be too long before they start producing DVD+R DL and 16x DVD media.

Thus, now TY DVD+R and TY DVD-R media cost just a little more than TY CD-R That’s mdia. If not, the resellers you are contacting are charging too much at your cost.

That’s perfect news!! I’ll be really glad when I see all manufacturers choosing to better their quality in order to stay competitive and in the market.

More POWER to them!

TY rulez! :iagree:


I’ll believe it when I see it that TY DVD+R or -R media costs near the £0.25 I pay for cdr’s - TY media costs between £0.76-£2.20 here!

As long as TY doesn’t lose sight of its dedication to quality in the process of doing this…

That’s why I said about retailers charging too much.

One just has to visit the Tokyo and Osaka shops to understand the reality better. I’m not exaggerating about that TY’s wanting to dominate the market which doesn’t necessarily mean a market share of over 50%.

What kind of TY media cost 2.20 Pound or Euro? I can buy 8x DVD+R TY for under US$1.5 and 4x DVD+R TY for under US$0.8 or US$0.7 but even that is rather high considering the price reductions on the horizon.

Comparing TY 4x and 8x DVD+R media with CD-R is unfair in many aspects. For instance, TY 4x DVD+R media can be written at up to 11MB/s. Even CD-R at 52x can be written up to 7.6MB/s. But the average writing speed for the whole disk differs even more than that. If one also considers the need to swap disks, TY 4x DVD+R media are at least 2x faster than TY 48x CD-R media that are obviously better than Ritek 52x CD-R. Since my posts are in future and present progressive tense, now compare TY 4x DVD+R for US$0.4 against Ritek 52x CD-R for US$0.2. TY DVD media are cheaper than Ritek CD media taking both performance, ease-of-use, and quality into consideration at once. The actual prices better reflect the OEM prices in very large quantity like millions and tens of millions.

In Japan, about 360 million CD-R disks are consumed in a year and Taiyo Yuden CD-R media are responsible about 60% of them. Taiyo Yuden’s annual production of CD-R media are reported to be over 700 million or 0.7 billion units, about 15% of the global production.

Here are some articles from TY and interviews with TY posted on a TY distributor.


I found them after I posted this thread.

Though they are all in Korean, TY makes it simple about why they are not producing CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW media. They just think like I do.


I noticed that my local online store is selling TY DVD-R’s for a lot less lately…I wasn’t sure why. I thought maybe they wre fakes, or something. But from what you’ve said, it sounds like they were just overpriced to begin with. But that’s not Taiyo Yuden’s fault if the retailers are doing it.
Too bad you can’t order directly from them here.
But anyway I can get Taiyo Yuden for 99 cents (less than $1 US dollar) here.

I haven’t tried these yet because I have lots of Ritek Ridata disks still, but once I run out of my Ridata, I’ll try the taiyo yuden.
Are they really better quality than Ritek?

$0.95 is a good price for 8x-rated TY DVD+R media but actually what I meant by under US$1.5 was anywhere between US$1.499 to nothing, not necessarily close to US$1.5 but I hardly buy from any retail source.

I check rima.com’s prices frequently just to keep informed of US retail prices for CD and DVD blank media.

TY 8x DVD+R can be used for 12x writing with some writers such as LG GSA-4120B and Lite-On SOHW-1213S. But that does not shorten the total recording time by a lot from the 8x writing to TY 4x DVD+R with some 8x to 12x writers such as Lite-On SOHW-832S and Plextor PX-708A.

The TY 4x DVD+R and 4x DVD-R have been shipping for about a year worldwide. The price has suddenly fallen from over US$1.1 to US$0.7 this week in South Korea.

There are two kinds of TY media. One is TY’s own brand, That’s. The other is TY’s OEM. When you buy from rima.com and Samsung-branded TY from some retailers, you are buying TY OEM. The That’s media are the best and the most expensive. Some of the prices I quoted above reflect That’s prices and the others, OEM. The latest price drop in South Korea is due to the new supply of TY OEM DVD+R and DVD-R from Japan, 50% cheaper and still has a lot of potential for further reductions.

Rima.com is not a “local” online source in my opinion. It is probably one of the most well-known online stores exclusively for DVD recordable media in the world.

Visit the DVD media tests. Even at this time, some people are adding posts in the Taiyo Yuden DVD media threads with lots of KProbe screen capture PNG files of PI/PF quality scan results, burned at 4x, 8x, and 12x. Most of the results are much better than the norm for Ritek and CMC.

By saying I hardly buy from retail source, everyone can guess I’m not an ordinary consumer, and can’t be.

Lol, well when I said rima was a local source for me…I meant local as in really close to me. They are located extremely close to where I live, so when I order I usually get stuff the very next day :slight_smile:

It seems like Japan is the place to live :iagree:

The place is just full of TY Disks, hehehe

>>> What kind of TY media cost 2.20 Pound or Euro? I can buy 8x DVD+R TY for under US$1.5 and 4x DVD+R TY for under US$0.8 or US$0.7 but even that is rather high considering the price reductions on the horizon.

The world does not revolve around just the USA - in Europe, TY media is expensive, that’s why I posted the prices in pounds. I know you can get cheap TY in canada and the us, but not elsewhere - for the most part, and not so much in Europe with the possible exception of the Freaks shop - which only ships to 2 places !!!

SVP, blankshop, ebuyer, etc, all charge horrendous prices for TY media. The prices range from the £0.76 pence or thereabouts for verbatum pastels or Maxell TY dye, to Plextor/maxell/others using TY dye going for 2 to 3 times what the stores named above charge (I buy Maxell TY +R’s for £18.50 for 25), but some places have them for the equivalent price of £55 for 25!).

That’s right it revolves around ME!

but there are other companies that are starting to improve thier quality…cmc and prodisc are alot better than they used to be…especially cmc. :iagree:

I don’t represent North America. I don’t even represent the whole Asia. At least in South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, TY media are popular and easy to find.

The world does not evolve around US but Europe is not the center of the world anymore. Most of the media are made in Asia and Asian markets are always ignored here.

Anyway, just call your own “local” distributors for DVD recordable media and if they are as serious about all this as I am, they’ll let you have 8x TY DVD+R media for under 0.5 British Pound.

Though you probably never search for information in Korean-language and Japanese-language sites with much enthusiasm, I do so in Englihs-language, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese sites even though I’m native to only Korean. The main difference is that I’m adapted to looking at other places first while Europeans, especially some in the Great Britain, seem to look at everything from rigid European point of view. You can’t criticize US on such a matter.

I try to post information coming from Asian sourcse on some sites. I’ve done it for a few years by now. There are basically two types of response, use the information and appreciate it, and bash and ignore it because it comes from unreliable sources or it is about unimportant regions because that’s the opinion about the rest of the world for them.


4x-rated media at 12x, successful.

I can now see a day when some 16x DVD+R media to OEM will cost under US$0.3.

Are they That’s branded? He said same price as That’s branded TY CD-R discs :wink:

Well I for one can say that I definitely appreciate all of the information that you post Kenshin. Many of your posts contain insightful and informative details that would be difficult to obtain for a person situated in another region of the world. Thank you for your contributions. :bigsmile:

Why a mod (or two) took this personally I do not know. These forums are full of people asking where to get TY, and resonably priced TY for that matter, within Europe.

All I did was point out, with proof, the prices charged here in Europe. So, they may be ripping us off, but at present there is little choice. Most of the time I come across Japanese sites, any translation is almost unreadable - not for the lack of trying, and then getting an order to the UK - very hard indeed. Not offence intended, but it seems you cannot post facts about where you live without upsetting people. Prices may come down, but it will be years before media is the price it is in the US or Japan.

SVP stocked That’s branded TY DVD+R some time ago - I bought about 20, they cost around £1.60 each or thereabouts (if memory serves). Still, Maxell TY Dye +R media for £0.60-70 is good enough.

I’m not the only Asian. There are 4 billion. Why is it personal to say there are a lot of Asians and Americans and Africans beside Europeans in this world and also on this forum?

What do you think is the reason for me to point out the European prices are wrong? What do I get in return for saying so? Is it from a personal incentive?

This is one world whether one is a nationalist or a regionalist or a globalist or even an anarchist. What happens in Tokyo today can affect London and Paris tomorrow. The change of consumer prices in Tokyo today might be reflected one month later in Taipei and Beijing and two months later in Mexico City and Madrid.

There are no Japanese native speaker on CDFreaks posting thousands. If it’s difficult to you, it’s also difficult for other people including me and the news editors. Ian at CDRLabs does not know Japanese either but he still writes articles after reading the Japanese-language pages.

If you become upset from all this, you are quite like the many South Koreans who become upset about me when I post information and stories from Europe, North America, Japan, China, and other places. And it was you who said “The world does not revolve around just the USA” when I am a native South Korean who cannot speak any language other than Korean and who have never been outside of South Korea.

This is not a personal complaint but what I’ve observed about the UK people on web forums. You are more likely to think only about yourselves than other nationals. Some of the “proof” threads are found on some forums about UK DVD recordable media prices that I’ve seen for three years. Read back what you said above.

I know you can get cheap TY in canada and the us, but not elsewhere - for the most part, and not so much in Europe with the possible exception of the Freaks shop - which only ships to 2 places !!!

To many European minds, most of the rest of the world is American, isn’t it?

If TY importers are charging too much, the only thing you can do about it is to bring competitions or help some people else to do it for you. The knowlege is power and it’s also the best thing to bring the prices down, especially if you know how to use knowlege in negotiation. With some degree of competition, I’m sure TY 16x DVD+R media in some months will be sold for US$0.5 at most in any part of the world. I’m buying hundreds of TY media that are 16x capable but not yet good enough to be sold as 16x officially for a little more than that and TY’s not a philanthropy. There are several channels between TY factories and my home. In a future Smith-like system, all of these must be removed of course.

This is not new to me, and CDFreaks was not the first. I’ve had it at Tom’s Hardware, StorageReview, DVDplusrw, CDRLabs, CDRinfo.com, and some other tech and non-tech sites. THG experiences were probably the worst.

By the way, I’m not a moderator now. The title I have does say I’m a moderator but I cannot moderate any forum because I resigned. I’ll say about it in a while on another forum.