Taiyo Yuden vs Verbatim DataLifePlus (AZO)



I’ve been searching for a good CD-R and I’ve narrowed it down to two choices.

[li]Taiyo Yuden[/li][li]Verbatim DataLifePlus (the AZO ones)[/li][/ol]
They both have comparable prices. Which ones do you think I should buy? Why do you think that?

What is your opinion on the above two choices for DVD media?


It’s been a while since I bought new CD/DVD media (I’ve got an embarrassing amount of blank media already), but I would go for the Taiyo Yuden CD-R, which have generally been better for me except for the very best Verbatim DL+, and I think the Verbatims might have declined more in general quality level than Taiyo Yuden.

For DVD media I’d go for 8x Taiyo Yuden (YUDEN000 T02) if you can get them, and otherwise I’d go for 16 Verbatim AZO (MCC 004).


My choices would be:

  • TY CD-Rs
  • Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+Rs (MCC 003 or MCC 004)


[QUOTE=pepst;2638925]My choices would be:

  • TY CD-Rs
  • Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+Rs (MCC 003 or MCC 004)[/QUOTE]

Snap :slight_smile:

With a slight leaning towards MCC004 for DVD+R (OK, maybe not so slight…LOL) :wink:


I haven’t bought any cds other than Taiyo Yuden for so many years, I can’t really compare. Never had any issues with them however. Of course I burn maybe 2 cds a year these days.

For dvds, I’ve always preferred TY 8x +R, but can’t make myself dip into my stash too often. :slight_smile: My day to day discs are Verbatim 16x, either the +R MCC 004 or the -R MCC 03RG20.

I’m nearly done with my last 100 count cakebox of Verbatim, which are the MCC 03RG20, and while the scans aren’t really pretty, none have been bad either, and none have failed. Have a handful of the +R still lurking about in my blank media collection, so I still have some leeway before I’m down to TY again.


What a question… :rolleyes:

Yudens are the way to go. :smiley:




[B]Taiyo Yuden [/B]for both CD-R and DVD (prefer the 8x +R T002’s)

It is well worth the small extra cost of the Taiyo Yudens vs. the superior results-eh!