Taiyo Yuden / Verbatim DVD-R




I’m looking for Taiyo Yuden printable 8x DVD-R’s (in the UK), and the cheapest I can find is £60 ( $110) for 100 printable TY’s, or £50 ($100) for 100 unbranded non-printable TYs.
I don’t really need 100, but I’ve found "{DV 3182} Pack of 5 Verbatim (8x) Pastel Coloured DVD-R (With excellent Taiyo Yuden dye)


£2.50 / $5 for 5.
They work out to be the same price for 100 unbranded TYs, but, I don’t really need 100, so 25 for £12.50 / $25 would suit me better.

Although, does anyone know where I could get cheaper TY’s in 25 packs in the UK, OR, somewhere in the USA/abroad that will ship internationally to the UK?

Ben :slight_smile:


Also, I currently have some Datawrite classic “Yellows”, with the FUJIFILM03 dye, which is supposed to be good?
I can get more, 100 for £25/ $50, which is cheaper than the TY?
Also the Datawrite Titanium’s with the Mitsubishi dye for the same price, how does that compare?



There aint no comparison if you want quality use taiyo yuden, then verbatim and next and still very reliable traxdata :slight_smile:

see here



Thanks… :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to get TY from http://www.os-mediatrade.de

My NEC ND-3520A can’t do PI checking etc, so just gonna have to hope I get a good batch :wink:

(Want stuff to last…)