Taiyo Yuden Variations

Hi, I would like to purchase one of the following from NewEgg:
TAIYO YUDEN 4.7GB 8X DVD-R 50 Pack Disc - Retail
TAIYO YUDEN 4.7GB 8X DVD+R 50 Pack Disc - Retail
My first preference is the former (DVD-R) as it is $7 cheaper when you figure in shipping costs. Is the DVD-R model a “value” Taiyo Yuden variation (I hear this line is cheaper but poorer in quality) ? What are the quality differences between these two found in NewEgg.com and are the differences significant enough that purchasing one would be a mistake? How many variations in Taiyo Yuden are there, and which ones are these? Thanks.

Either looks fine. Choice is +R or -R As I recall Newegg don’t sell the label TY value line. It is strange how they don’t mention MID code’s. +R always cost a little more.

Check here first

And here