Taiyo Yuden: Value or Premium

I just pruchased 100 Taiyo Yuden discs and didn’t notice until after the order was confirmed that they are listed as ValueLine.

I’ve read countless times on this forum and others that this media is one the best. Did I just make a stupid mistake buying the value disc over the premium?

If anyone here has tried the value line could you please advise on how it performed.

Value line comes in shrinkwrap, you might have to clean the discs with canned air before usage. Also the first and last disc can be scratched.
With value line discs you don’t know whether they are TYG01 (rare), TYG02 or TYG03. You can get 4x, 8x and 16x media, and if you get the 16x TYG03 those are inferior because the firmware support for them is not ready yet.
Good luck!

beesknees, there’s already a thread in this same subforum on exactly the same topic. If possible, before starting a new thread do a quick [cdfsearch=premium value]search[/cdfsearch] to see if there’s already one that fits what you are looking for. This helps for a more structured knowledge base. :slight_smile:

So please continue the discussion on the other thread.:slight_smile:

Thanks, :slight_smile: