Taiyo Yuden Value Line Dye spill question

Just bought some taiyo yuden value line 4x dvd-r from shop4tech. There is spots of dye on the clear inner hub of my disc. Some discs looks like the dye spilled into the inner hub and others looks like drops of dyed dripped on it. Is that normal?

NO, if it looks like the discs have dye on them there is somthing wrong with the burner


I think you should rethink that post.

the discs came this way, withe the dye problem.

I would notify shop4tech of the problem and see if they won’t replace them free for you

Manufacturing problem me thinks

Overspill like that generally suggests a problem with manufacturing that hasn’t been picked up by the quality control.

Saying that I have used ones with dye spots on the hub before without any problem, so they don’t necessarily mean the discs are duff.

Note that spilling in the hub doesn’t mean bad disc’s directly.
However most times compannies will reject it for cosmetical reasons.

The only disc that I’ve seen with dye spots on the hub was a Ritek R05 and that one also had a huge dye streak in the recordable region as well. Amazingly the disc burnt and played back correctly, though I subsequently chucked it anyway.

BTW: This particular disc appeared to be a one-off (all other 49 discs on that spindle with without such problems).

This could be why that spindle was value media and not premium, too.