Taiyo Yuden types

I have noticed Taiyo Yuden has a “Valueline” designation on some disks, is there a big difference in the quality of these dvd’s?


Value Line has failed quality control in some way but some people are happy with it. You decide if using media that has failed quality control is worth buying or if you’d rather pay more for the media that passed quality control.

There’s no guarantee either way that you’ll get excellent results, but I personally don’t want to potentially waste time on bad media to save money by buying the value line stuff - the risk is high enough with the “premium” stuff.


The general advice is to buy only proper Taiyo Yuden made in Taiyo Yuden’s factory in Japan.


Thanks for the advise, I usually use Supermedia store, how can you tell beforehand where they were made?

You should be okay with Supermedia Store as they are authorised Taiyo Yuden dealers.

They even have a guide on their site. :slight_smile: