Taiyo Yuden TY-G03 playback issue

Taiyo Yuden TY-G03 plays on one dvd player but not the other.:confused::confused:

Hi. Can anyone explain the reason for this playback issue on my stand alone dvd players (not on my computer)?:bow:

The TY-G02’s record fine at 8x (up to 12x on the Pioneers) & play fine on both my LG & Sony dvd players. The TY-G03’s however will only play on the LG player & not on the Sony. I’ve tried burning the G03’s using the same burning software & using both drives on 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x burning speeds ……but they still can not be viewed on the Sony player.

Why is this so?? Has anyone else encountered this? I have been using TY-G02 for years & really wanted to switch over to the G03 Water Shields for disc labelling purposes but I also would like the assurance that the disc will be compatible with the different brand dvd players on the market.

Thankyou in advance for any help/suggestions.

Below is a rundown of what I am using:-

Burning Software:
Nero 7

Blank media used:
TY-G02 (OEM DVD-R 8x Inkjet Printable)
TY-G03 (DVD-R 16x Inkjet Printable)
TY-G03 (DVD-R 16x Water Shield Inkjet Printabe)

Burner Drives used:
Pioneer DVR-110 & 111D – firmware 1.29
Samsung CDDVDW SH-S202J. – firmware SB03

DVD Players:
Sony 5 disc DVD/Home Theatre


:doh:… yep… is that your helpful answer with no explanation or are you just summarising the basics of my question? :confused:

You most likely have a very picky DVD player that doesn’t like some media.

The batch of media you have might also be less than stellar.

I have found that TYG03 burned on some of my LiteOn drives result in discs with elevated error levels and with playback problems in my picky DVD player (used only for testing). Your Samsung uses MediaTek chipset like LiteOn drives do, so there might be a relation there. My BenQ DW1655 and Plextor PX-760A also burn TYG03 in a way that causes problems with my picky player.

On my Pioneer DVR-111 series drives, I have found the best burning speed for TYG03 to be 6x. You could try that burning speed on your Pioneer and see if it helps, but chances are your Sony DVD player doesn’t like TYG03.

Thankyou DrageMester for shedding some light.

I’m glad (but not nastily glad) that you have come across the same issue.

I’m thinking it is more likely that the Sony player is the finicky one as the discs burnt using the Samsung burner were able to play on the LG player.

I’m also wondering if the disc slot loading of the Sony may have also been a compatability factor with the Water Shield discs. I remember seeing on the Verbatim site that they do not recommend using their water resistant discs in slot loading players. The LG was a single tray loader.

I have another batch of TYG03’s & the Water Shields arriving soon so i will try it all over again.

Thanyou once again.

My ex-boyfriend had a Philips DVD player that wouldn’t play TYG01 discs (Panasonic branded, so pretty good discs) a few years back, I too was surprised - especially as Philips players aren’t the pickiest in my experience, and they played fine on my earlier model.

Mind you, they were burned on an old LiteOn, so Drage’s MediaTek remarks may well play a part in my case at least. :slight_smile:

Thanyou Arachne for your input - muchly appreciated :slight_smile: