TAIYO YUDEN (TY) 100 pk for $34.80

Not bad, but that seems odd that they would be in plastic wrap like that, rather than their unique style cake box. That and beware, as soon as you open that sucker up in the slightest, you are going to have discs falling out all over the place. You better have a spare spindle or two handy to transfer them to immediately. :wink:

Hmmm, I would not be at all surprised if these where fakes.

There’s only one way to find out.

Super Media Store doesn’t have a reputation for trying to pass off non-TY discs as TY, and the discs in the picture certainly look like TY discs with that distinctive dark outer hub ring. They’re using the Taiyo Yuden logo for crying out loud! Seems a safe bet to me. Besides, TY discs don’t always have to be in TY cakeboxes. In fact, all of the hub-printable TYG02 discs being sold here in the US are shrinkwrapped just like these discs.

I would be surprised if these are fakes. Other users have gotten real TY from them in the past.

Add this coupon - “techbargains14” to bring the price down to $29.50. www.techbargains.com

i wonder where they came from though. TY quit making any 4x discs awhile back (according to Rima)

Authentic Taiyo Yuden DVD-R media, made to the highest standards. Highest quality, suitable for duplication and public distribution. Features archival quality AZO metal dye for today’s longest archival playback capabilities. Should last up to 100 years or longer in normal cool dark storage conditions.

Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden
Manufacturer Part#: DVD-R47VAL600SK

Media Type: 4X DVD-R

Top Surface: Silver Lacquer

Recording Speed: 1X - 4X

Storage Capacity: 4.7 GB / 120 Minutes

I’m wondering if these were for wholesalers or content providers since they are “tape wrapped” and when the switch to 8x came, they got surplused.

Also, “Coupon codes: Only “1 Coupon Code” can be accepted per order.” so with almost $9 in ground shipping, these are not such a bargain.

Looks like more vendors are getting in on the act:

Less than a year ago these were over $1 plus shipping. I have to say these are a bargain.

Nice thing about these discs is there are quite a few burners that will burn them at 8x. I know PX-712A, PX-716A, ND-2500/2510A, ND-3500A and ND-3520A can.

anybody placed an order yet? curious as what some scans look like

I placed an order but I would not expect to see anything till next week. Even the guy over at Videohelp who ordered from shop4tech with 2nd day will only get them on Monday. I’ll be glad to get some scans in when I get them but barring fraud, G01s scan very well when burned at 4X. Most people consider these the gold standard.

Please post your results with this media, price paid including shipping+tax. $29 delivered would be a good price.

It’s not going to be $29 delivered. It will be $29+shipping. The shipping cost is rediculous though. Rima certainly doesn’t charge that much for shipping. It’s still not a bad deal though at 100 4x TY discs for less than $40 shipped. EDIT The Techbargains code doesn’t work. Anyways it is now $38 with free shipping. Not too bad.

Thanks for the update.

Curses. With the new price I paid $4 too much. Time to order another 100 and lower the average cost.

I have purchased this bundle and they are indeed real! TY01

btw they just raised the price