Taiyo Yuden turning to doo-doo?

I read the reviews of the 4x value lines at supermediastore and these are some of the comments I read

Defects, defects, defects…
Like the reviewer below that complains about the dye streak defect, I too have this problem in these 4x ‘value line’ discs. It is verrrrry hard to detect these streaking lines. Sometimes you have to be under bright lighting, and inspect the disc really well in various angles to find it. If you give it a quick once over, you’ll miss it. Too many of these discs have this problem. It’s like every other disc or 10 discs in a row will have it, then a few will be clean, and then another and another. It’s a very bad ratio of actual good discs vs defective discs. Sometimes I’d do a full inspection before I burn, only to see it visible upon further inspection after a burn. I’d run a quick PIE-PIF test on it and see it go crazy on the section of the dye bleeds. I am so sick of having to inspect every damn disc for 2 minutes before I insert in my burner. For the prices and reputation Taiyo Yuden has, this is UNACCEPTABLE. TY is touted as being one of the best, if not the best in the market, yet we get these faulty discs under these premium charges. For every bad TY disc I have, I put it in a seperate spindle to identify them, and I have STACKS of them. I am NEVER buying any more TYG01’s.

Not so good
I bought 6 100pks of these during the summer. I just opened my 3rd shrinkwrap of this and I’m not happy at all. It seems many of these discs are defective. Many of my discs have a dye bleed. I don’t know how to explain it but theres like a thin line of lighter purple that streaks across the dye of the disc. It appears in random spots on random discs. Sometimes you won’t even be able to see it. Many of my first 100pk has this, not so many on the 2nd, and many more on my 3rd. I still have 300 left unopened. I burned many important things on these defective discs. I’m very upset. I’m not the only one. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=151948&highlight=taiyo+yuden+defect

So now being all paranoid, I started checking my G01’s and find this same shit. what the hell!

Well people, they are “VALUE” line discs. There must be some reason they are sold as such. I’d rather buy the “Premium” line TY and not have to worry about such things.

I have burned tons of Value discs with zero problems, as have others here. It is unfortunate you received some bad discs; these are the exception.

I have many hundreds of YUDEN000 T02s (Burnmaster) from Allmediaoutlet and they also have zero problems. Fortunately I got them at $30 before the price increase. They are the best I have ever seen and are the only disc I have burned that are equally good on all 7 of my burners.

If you expect perfection - don’t buy the cheapest, wtf. Esp the one with “the prices and reputation” and knowing he’s talking about “value line” makes me wonder what he’s really talking about (and buying 600 discs w.o. having tested them is a bit naive imo). If you buy the “cheapest” product from the “best” you must expect it to be worse than the “expensive” for one or another reason… C’mon

Also, i suppose storage and transport may be important factors and out of TY’s control. I have some fantastic ricohjpnr01 from svp but every other tub is somehow faulty so it’s 50/50 and i don’t buy them again. Simple as that :smiley: - but i’m sure storage is the reason and a mistake…

A picture is worth a thousand words. Lets see some scans from these "DEFECTS, DEFECTS, DEFECTS, and maybe a pic or two of this so called dye streaking, spoting and over spray.

You all know better than to come here and talk trash with out some proof!!!

I’ve got the same dye issues and inconsistencies with yuden t02 (fuji) and tyg02s (oem), whenever i did get a GOOD burn, I thought god was helping me.


I only bought one 100 pack of the ‘value’ TY 4x -R TYG01’s and did not have a coaster in the whole batch - but did get a whole lot of kicka$$ burns-


Yup, only one pack of the value line TY for me as well but none of the faults mentioned in the original post. All of them turned out great. I haven’t repurchased the value line due to the fact that I prefer the faster burning of the 8x TYG02 discs. I know that you can end up with faster discs in the value line but I still could end up with 4x. With the premium 8x TYG02 from rima.com, I always know what to expect. Good burns at 12x on a regular basis. :wink:


This is not ‘exactly’ true-

I did get one really bad burn of TYG01 ‘value’ on my new LG 4167B - but otherwise - no coasters - and now only three left out of the original 100-


Meh. One bad disc out of the batch can hardly be considered bad media, seeing as how some media has approximately 20% of it’s discs with bad burns right off the bat, to say nothing of what they will be like a year or two down the road.

More so because the 4167B does not burn TYG01 at all well, especially with the latest DL11 and DL12 firmware. So you can probably chalk that up to the burner.

here are one of the tests of a burned disc with the “dye streak” defect. I still don’t completey understand what is a good burn and a bad burn. I understand that liteon’s PIF shouldn’t exceed a Max of 4. So if it hits 5, 6, etc, does that mean it’s a coaster despite it’s low average and total PIF? At what point are you supposed to worry for Total PIF’s? I had a few TYG01’s with a total PIF of over 7 thousand and was told it’s still a very good burn. This stuff is really hard to understand.

Anyway the beginning high spike of Max 5 is where the different colored line of dye is located.

The 2nd test has the dye streak line towards the end where you see blocks. None in the middle that I could see, but still rows of fat blocks. Is it bad to have thick blocks like that even if the avg, max, and total PIF’s are low?

I, too, have been wondering if the talk of TY’s turning into crap media is more of a function of people with a bad burner or who have not upgraded the firmware in their burners or something to do with the burner. I guess its possible that a burner maker who had no trouble burning one brand of discs all along could make a burner that is better at burning discs that have given them probs in the past, but could start screwing up on discs that were not problems with previous burner generations. Just a thought.

It rates 4x. If you burn higher speed than that, you are looking for potential trouble. Just like CPU, you can overclock it; luck out or not, it is another story.