Taiyo Yuden, the bonding quality is just fantastic!



I recently ordered some more TYG02 media for use on my standalone recorder which doesn’t realize the format war was over a long,long time ago. :wink:

Cakebox/spindle was fine, still with official TY seals intact. I was surprised by just how good Taiyo Yuden’s bonding had become! :bigsmile:

I first read of these super rare TY media when MonsterMan reported it a few months ago at cdrlabs:


It was amusing/worrying but I never imagined I would be lucky enough to have one of these discs myself! :bigsmile:


LOL! :bigsmile:


What batch number is that ?? cant completely make it out.


That is a shame to hear, where did you order the discs from TL0? :slight_smile:

Edit; LOL :bigsmile: @ the last page on the CDRLabs Link

Hey MonsterMan, I talked with some important level people over at the main distributor of Taiyo Yuden for North America (I’d say 99% of all Taiyo Yuden product comes through them). And you might be happy to hear that they are naming Harry Potter as the culprit of your problem. Yes I’m serious… their exact words when I asked them about this issue (which I linked to) were “I don’t know, Taiyo Yuden has naver made a 3 layered disc… maybe Harry Potter was involved”. In other news, Princo is now blaming the one armed man for past and future media defects.


Just from the thread title alone, I figured it was both sarcasm and would have photos. Your photos certainly don’t inspire confidence. :frowning:


Is this final proof that Taiyo Yuden discs are 50% better than any other disc? :stuck_out_tongue:


Pull it apart and you get two coasters for the price of one. :flower:


Those are some fantastic looking discs there.


You’ll be added to the “he reported bad bonding list” :cop:

Anyhow - crisp pictures :wink:


Hmm looks like Potter did it again. :bigsmile:


And he may be added to Taiyo Yuden’s ‘ignore’ list if TY’s attitude towards these issues is true. :stuck_out_tongue:


Done :flower:


This can happen with every manufacturer.
Two isolated incidents are not necessarily indicators of a tendency, but you should contact the shop and Taiyo Yuden to let them know. Even if they ignore you, they will become aware of a QC problem after enough reports.

I always preferred YUDEN000 T02, TYG03 and YUDEN000 T03 over TYG02, and now I know why. The other discs are tougher than TYG02.
TYG02 is often reported to have bonding problems. I’m surprised that YUDEN000 T02 isn’t used more instead of TYG02. Yes, it may be slightly more expensive, but isn’t it worth it?
If you already buy Taiyo Yuden instead of cheap manufacturers, you should go the whole hog and get the best from them, leaving their worse stuff aside :wink:


ROTFL :bigsmile:


I’ve received 2x50 Sony TY T02 from the USA 2 days ago and when comparing the look of the edges of discs in the spindles to the few discs left in Sony MIJ D21 , T02 “looks” very cheap , fortunately , performance is no where near the look :bigsmile:


I have to say ive seen much worse glue drippage on other MIDS. The bonding issue i have only seen on TY unbranded, or own brand.


All my TYs have the edges looking like that :slight_smile:

Never experienced bonding issues myself, though, on any disc :slight_smile:


Same here.


Sure you do. Every time you see unsold optical media of any kind you are immediately bonded to it emotionally and want to take it home! :bigsmile:


ROTFLMAO!!! You know me too well :bigsmile:

But I dare anyone to resist poor lonely Verbies (or TYs, for the sake of the topic) sitting on a shelf with no-one to love them :sad: