Taiyo Yuden Taking Countermeasures to Prevent Hostile Takeover

Yesterday, they added a new press release to their Japanese website that is not available in English (yet?)

2007.03.26 ä¼šç¤¾ã®æ”¯é…ã«é–¢ã™ã‚‹åŸºæœ¬æ–¹é‡åŠã³å½“ç¤¾æ ªå¼ã®å¤§è¦æ¨¡è²·ä»˜è¡Œç‚ºã¸ã®å¯¾å¿œç­–ï¼ˆè²·åŽé˜²è¡›ç­–ï¼‰ã«ã¤ã„ã¦[PDF/716KB]

AltaVista Babelfish translates it as About the counter-measure (purchase defense package) to large-scale buying behavior of basic decision and this corporation stock regarding the control of the company

Sounds scary right? :eek:
But I don’t even know what the press release really says… anybody with more Japanese knowledge? :flower:

(I couldn’t read much more out of it than a few words… :o)

If the Babelfish says what I think it says, this sounds like they are fighting a hostile takeover - i.e. trying to prevent being bought by another company against their will.

This is merely conjecture on my part and I don’t read Japanese.

Oooooo, this might be good news in the end. If this is an attempt at a hostile takeover, maybe the new company will care more about quality control, and work on returning Taiyo Yuden to their former glory?

On the other hand, they might just axe the whole optical media side of Taiyo Yuden… it’s a relatively small part of the total company, and not making as much money lately (due to reduced selling prices).

Yeah, I’d be interested to hear from somone who reads Japanese…sounds intriguing :eek:

Yep, that’s what I thought too. A hostile takeover.
My next media purchase will consist entirely of Taiyo Yuden media.
[B]Solidarity with Taiyo Yuden[/B] :bigsmile:

I believe that the QC might only go downhill but not return to its former glory… Never.

Don’t panic, Mr. Mainwaring! :bigsmile:

Sorry, it’s just the fear of history repeating… Mitsui and Computer Support Italy and the MAM-A/MAM-E QC…

Let’s just hope the best. :slight_smile:

Well like I said before, media is a very small part of Taiyo Yuden’s total business. No one is going to buy them JUST for their media I don’t think.

Well its a press release on countermeasures TY would take if there should be a takeover or large scale buy-in. There is no TOB or anything going on right now AFAIK.

false alarm then it seems… too bad, it would have been fun!

Thanks, Koba :bow:

Thanks, [B]koba[/B]! :slight_smile:

I second and third [B]DrageMester [/B]and [B]Arachne[/B].
Thanks, [B]koba[/B]! :slight_smile:

Maybe a revised thread subject header is in order?

Well, that would be the job of the cat. :wink:

But why are they preparing for a takeover, if none is actually happening ? :confused:
It seems to me like a “hands off!” signal…

What do you suggest? :slight_smile:

Oops, you’re right… I forgot that you can’t edit posts after a certain amount of time on here.

How about: Taiyo Yuden Taking Countermeasures to Prevent Hostile Takeover

You can delete this post after reading it if you want.

Thread title changed, but I’ve left the subject of each post alone because…well…it’s more work :stuck_out_tongue: